Nervous colitis: natural remedies

Nervous colitis: natural remedies

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Nervous colitis, an annoying disease that very simply and painfully affects the lower abdomen and tortures us. It is not usually a stabbing pain but continuous and annoying. For this, it is best to try to cure it by eating in a balanced and healthy way and seeing that it is called Nervous colitis, trying to be as nervous as possible. This problem, in fact, has not only a psychosomatic origin but also.

Nervous colitis: symptoms

I talked about "pain in the lower abdomen”, But there are many types. What characterizes Nervous colitis is similar to that of abdominal cramps and is due to the formation of intestinal gas. There is therefore a sense of swelling and heaviness, accompanied by continuous nausea, sometimes also from diarrhea or, vice versa, from constipation.

It is not very different from gastritis in terms of symptoms two pathologies they actually have many symptoms in common. In the case of the Nervous colitis, inflammation affects the colon, the final part of the intestine. If you suspect that you suffer from it, it is better to be examined by a gastroenterologist who usually submits us to specific tests such as colonoscopy or abdominal ultrasound.

Nervous colitis: diet

You notice the symptoms, we try to cure ourselves, starting from the diet: healthy habits at the table are an excellent prerequisite to heal, or to suffer less. If, in fact, the Nervous colitis is linked to states of stress and anxiety, it is also true that diet plays a fundamental role in its worsening.

The diet of those suffering from this type of inflammation must be light: no precooked foods or preserved, especially we avoid cured meats and sausages, not to mention fried foods, to be eliminated. Even the red meat is not the best, for those suffering from Nervous colitis, if overcooked.

Other foods which is better do not eat often they are those in general rich in saturated fats and refined sugars, sadly included "Desserts too sweet" and pizza. The anti colitis diet also provides the elimination of carbonated drinks, alcoholic and exciting drinks. If coffee is hard to eliminate, at least it should be limited to 2 cups a day.

Nervous colitis: what to eat

So far we have said what not to eat, I wouldn't want it to seem like that to keep the colon quiet, we must transform ourselves into ascetics. Anything that is non-inflammatory for our intestines is welcome at the table. Then boiled or steamed potatoes, courgettes, apples, pears, rice, barley, yogurt, oats, rusks, carrots are excellent.

There meat is not to be avoided, just choose it lean, preferably white, if instead we love fish, that's always good. Once we have adopted a healthy and complete diet, drugs often become superfluous to treat Nervous Colitis, unless there are severe attacks that do not allow us to conduct a normal work or leisure activity. In that case, a bit of relief can be given by antispasmodics, antinauseants or, in the case of diarrhea, antidiarrheals.

More than medicines, however, relaxing practices are worth, if they become part of our lifestyle. They are often yoga and pilates recommended, but everyone can focus on the sport that feels best suited to their nature, the important thing is that the result is the psychophysical relaxation.

Nervous colitis: natural remedies

An aid to cure the Nervous colitis, or to alleviate the symptoms when they become unbearable, also comes to us from natural medicine that suggests, for example, the essential oil of basil to combat cramps: 2 drops dissolved in a teaspoon of honey, a couple of times a day, are life changing.

If meteorism also appears among the symptoms, let's try seeds of anise, fennel and cumin with which to prepare an herbal tea. Between homeopathic remedies, i also appear Bach flowers, to be chosen by targeting the specific ones against anxiety and stress.

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