Carboxytherapy: opinions and prices

Carboxytherapy: opinions and prices

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Carboxytherapy, an ancient practice, which dates back to the early 1900s and comes to us from France. In fact, in the spas of our neighbors, it was offered to guests who wanted to treat arterial diseases. Today the Carboxytherapy it has gained popularity for very different purposes: it is used to fight cellulite, wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, swelling and much more. Before saying if it is what it does for us or not, it is better to know how it works, where it works and if there are side effects.

Carboxytherapy: face

The treatments of Carboxytherapy made today but the methods remain the same even when other areas of our body become the protagonists. Using a very fine needle You do the subcutaneous administration of carbon dioxide, is a practice that has been conceived for a therapeutic purpose: it fights some specific health problems.

It is useless to deny, however, that it is also very effective against skin blemishes, large or small they are. It is also a question of personal perception, that of imperfections, and in Italy tens of millions complain about it. Who knows how many of them know the carboxytherapy?

Carboxytherapy: legs

There carboxytherapy, when applied to the legs, it is intended as a treatment that must act on the accumulated fat. As? L'injected carbon dioxide manages to reactivate cell metabolism and enzymes so that they become or come back capable of dissolving and reabsorbing fats.

At the same time the carboxytherapy it also has an interesting effect on blood circulation since it increases the flow speed and the opening of the capillaries. It follows that the tissues are better oxygenated and waste and swelling are easily disposed of in a short time.

There carboxytherapy, seen in this sense, it can come to our aid after the cold season, which often brings a few extra kg, gives way to the beach one.

Carboxytherapy: dark circles

We cannot speak of a real blemish, of the skin, but dark circles appear in everyone, or almost, and there are those who cannot live with it with serenity. There carboxytherapy it can be a way to keep our skin glowing and toned, eliminating dark circles and the signs of sleepless nights. Nothing magical, but it is certainly a therapy that acts on the skin, increasing blood flow and helping tissues to oxygenate. The result is better skin.

Carboxytherapy reviews

The memory of the carboxytherapy, seen as a treatment inspired by thermal medicine: if at the beginning of the century carbon dioxide was used for treat ailments related to poor tissue vascularization, today it is the protagonist of popular treatments for the contrast of localized adiposity, cellulite and loss of skin tone.

This beneficial action is not a legend, because there are scientific studies that show how a improvement of skin elasticity and consequent benefits also from the point of view of vasodilation.

If we still find ourselves perplexed, we must admit that the carboxytherapy is a harmless treatment and we can be sure of it since the carbon dioxide used in the medical field is nothing different from what we ourselves normally produce with breathing.

It is therefore a clearly non-toxic substance, does not cause embolism, has no side effects as long as it comes from machinery recognized by the Ministry of Health. Needles for the carboxytherapy they must be, as on every occasion, disposable and sterile needles.

If there are times when it is better to avoid to experience the effects of carboxytherapy, these are pregnancy and advanced age, even those suffering from heart disease, diabetes, severe anemia or respiratory, cardiac, renal and hepatic insufficiency, you better find another way to solve skin blemishes.

Carboxytherapy: prices

They want to be indicative prices, those listed here shortly, but who is seriously interested in undergoing the carboxytherapy, it is better that he inquires in the centers that offer it, verifying that he is a suitable subject. The sessions, once or twice a week, can be six as well as ten, a lot depends on the results we want and the pathology to be treated. Each time it is a quarter of an hour, maximum 20 minutes, which cost us from 100 to 150 euros.

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