How to stroke a dog

How to stroke a dog

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How to stroke a dog, it is good to know, in order not to risk a bite, but not only. It is also important as dog owners, so that anyone who approaches ours does not bother them. Each dog has his own tastes, in terms of caresses or cuddles, as people have them, but there are rules on like petting a dog which are almost universally valid. Better to have them present, especially if we are dealing with a dog with whom we are not familiar.

How to stroke a dog

Before petting a dog and asking ourselves how to do it, we must work hard to understand if he wants to receive our attention, if it is not the right time or it never will be. We do not invade its spaces, treating it as a soft toy, but first of all we observe if it is at ease or if it appears tense and rigid, if the muscles are relaxed and if it wags its tail. The direction of the gaze can also make us understand How to stroke a dog and if it will be appreciated.

How to pet an angry dog

When a dog is tied to a chain or locked in a garden for some time with no one to keep him company, if he has been dumped out of the shop with the leash rolled up to the pole waiting for his mistress to have a coffee or order ham, he will certainly be angry. These are times to know How to stroke a dog it is essential. It may be that he appreciates our attention, even if irritated, but better to ascertain, especially if he is a dog we do not know.

It is necessary to be careful if it is without the master, approaching with caution and not stubborn if he doesn't show interest or even growls. If you see it barking, it raises its tail up or stiffens, give it up, if it shows fear but licks its lips, we can approach it slowly and sweetly.

How to pet a small dog

Whatever our height, a small dog will feel in awe when he sees that we want to pet him, so it is best to bend over or lean over to make him feel more comfortable. Knowing How to stroke a dog, let's invite him to come closer and take the first step while remaining still but interlocutors and always squatting.

If the animal shows confidence, we can lean towards him, but without making him feel threatened, and instead he is shy, let's not look him in the eyes but flatter him with a voice until he is reassured.

How to pat a dog on the head

The first move to learn How to stroke a dog on the head is to give him a few taps around the ears to see if he is aggressive: if we can continue, we begin to scratch it gently but never from above. He does not have to feel dominated or attacked but to see us at his height and friendly.

An area that dogs love to be caressed is the front one near the neck or the one of the shoulders, when then we enter into confidence and know How to stroke a dog, we can cuddle it under the chin or on the chest, being careful not to insist on the jaw.

Once understood How to stroke a dog on the head, we can move on to other areas of the body but always with caution, very attentive to the reactions of the animal.

Video on how to pet a dog

Below we propose a complete and well done video showing in detail how to pet a dog with 4 movements that will give a lot of pleasure to your four-legged friend. The video is commented in English but is easily understandable even to those who do not know English.

How to stroke a dog: what to avoid

Whether he's eating or chewing something, it doesn't matter if we know How to stroke a dog, let's not do it because I will always be unwelcome, the same is true if we have the impression that it is about to bite! We don't even do the error of thinking you can predict reactions of a dog we do not know: even if he is calm and seems friendly, he does not necessarily want to be touched by the first one who passes by.

Let's avoid sudden movements, let's not rub his belly if we don't already have confidence. If we have children or children approach our dog, we pay attention: they could be clumsy and clumsy, putting themselves in danger, it is always good to control our dog even if is "the best in the world" while other people caress it.

If we are not satisfied with knowing How to stroke a dog and we also want to brush and massage it, we can buy a glove suitable for cats and perfect for all sizes on Amazon at 11 euros, in latex, much appreciated.

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