Mace: properties and benefits

Mace: properties and benefits

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Mace, it is a fruit, it grows on an evergreen plant and is not in our area, but originally from Indonesia, called in the scientific world Myristica fragrans, of the family of Myristicaceae. So far, few will have understood what I want to talk about, but everything is clearer by revealing that when we talk about Mace, we actually mean that part that covers nutmeg, which is the seed of the plant just mentioned. Let's see how this fruit is used and what properties it possesses.

Mace: spice

Obtained from the coverage of the nutmeg, the part that interests us then becomes a spice, once dried and reduced to powder or pieces. It has a particularly lively red color when fresh, but it does not keep it when it is dried, in fact when we buy the Mace spice, it is orange. Also called Mace or Nutmeg flower, this fruit has a delicate flavor, among the recipes that see it as an ingredient, there is that of curry.

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Mace: properties

Mace contains 8% water, 5% ash, 38.7% starch, low sugar, 6.1% protein, 26.4% fat, 20.2% fiber food and 14% essential oil. Among the most present mineral salts we find potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus, among the vitamins, A, those of group B (B1, B2, B3, B6) and C stand out, it should also be mentioned that it contains beta-carotene and cryptoxanthin and fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6.

In Italy there are no areas in which to cultivate and produce Mace, the largest producers in the world remain Indonesia, Sri Lanka, China, India and Trinidad but we can find it widespread in other regions, with "aliases". In fact, in the Philippines it is called tungkod, in Turkey it is called Topuz, in Germany Muskatlute and Jaffatry in India. There are also cultures that attribute the property of to the mace treat rheumatism and the witch's stroke.

Mace: benefits

Leaving aside the legends about this spice, let's see the benefits it can give us, giving us a hand to improve our health. In traditional Chinese and Indian medicine it is used for diseases of the nervous system and it seems to stimulate the brain: so it helps us fight both stress and anxiety and depression.

There are those who exploit the Mace for toothache or in general as an anti-inflammatory ingredient to treat arthritis and rheumatism, those who appreciate it because, being rich in fiber, it facilitates digestion and reduces the formation of intestinal gas. The Nutmeg flower it is also good for the heart and eyes, but the reason why we also find it in toothpastes is the fact that it is a natural antiseptic also effective against bad breath.

It is the right season to say that Mace is present in cough syrups, to relieve cough and cold symptoms.

Mace: recipes

Before starting to cook, to avoid diet paranoia or the like, it is better to know that 100 grams of mace contains 475 calories. Now we can calmly cook and spoil chicken with the scents of the world by preparing it with shallots, two jars of Greek yogurt, vegetable broth, a mix of chopped spices, turmeric, star anise, sweet paprika, flour and mace.

I took gods chicken nuggets, we can flavor them with all the spices by letting them rest for at least an hour, while we cut the shallots and put them in a pan with oil and a bay leaf. Let's go back to the chicken in flour and putting it in a pan with the shallot and then brown it and brown it. Only at the end do we combine the Greek yogurt and keep with the flame out, to then serve.

Mace: where to buy

If we don't have plans a trip to Indonesia, or in one of the other countries where the Mace is produced, we can get this spice on Amazon: for 10 euros 100 grams of powder is enough to prepare many recipes. Including an infusion to drink after meals even 3 times a day. Not in this format but Mace is also used in the cosmetic industry, for the preparation of perfumes.

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