DIY Epiphany Sock

DIY Epiphany Sock

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Epiphany stocking, an ancient tradition that is renewed by magic and greed every year on January 6th. For many children but also for many adults who love sweets, and for many "witches" who hope, with chocolates and candies, to sweeten their character for a new year better than the previous one. In addition to what slips into the Befana socks, the container is also important. If it is DIY, it is much better: we will have the security of having the most original and eco-sustainable sock in the country.

Do-it-yourself Befana stocking

If we haven't had time in the last months of the year, we can catch up on the Christmas holidays and make an Epiphany stocking with our hands. Even a masterpiece, with a little ingenuity, can be made in a short time, filled with sweets and delivered on time.

A DIY Christmas stocking saves money and gives us the opportunity to dedicate ourselves to manual work, which is often difficult if you don't have a job that requires it. Relaxing, therefore, leave the PC off, remove the cell phone ringtone and indulge in inventing a tasty way to celebrate January 6th.

Green befana sock

What's greener than recovering what we would have thrown away at Christmas, using it to make a cake sock? With all cards and i flakes accumulated between Eve and Boxing Day, we could produce a whole drawer of socks, I guess, but let's just dedicate ourselves to one e wonderful Befana stocking.

Maybe by creating a collage of papers of different color and nature, associating the bright red with the more dull green, the silver ribbon and the strip of paper with smiling and cold snowmen. Join the paper as if it were a mosaic, to make the edge of the Epiphany stocking we can use an old sweater, cutting off the cuffs. As work tools, we will need them glue, needle and thread.

Felt Befana socks

If the paper may appear fragile to us, or we fear that someone thinks we don't care about it because the sock is not made of fabric, let's take the fabric! Remnants of felt recovered here and there, they are perfect for making wonderful socks, to decorate with ribbons or embroidery.

Befana stocking with name

Speaking of embroidery, if we don't want to venture into designs of strange or too difficult subjects, let's limit ourselves to the name. This choice becomes mandatory, or almost, if in our house there are many gluttons who steal it Befana stocking each other. To avoid quarrels, on the last day of the Christmas holidays, it is better to prepare a DIY stocking with a name. Written or embroidered, as long as it is unquestionably clear.

Cross stitch stocking Befana

Those who know about embroidery, can indulge themselves with acrobatic stitches, easy for everyone is instead the cross stitch that can be learned in a moment and is perfect for decorating the Befana stocking do it yourself we have in mind. With the cross stitch we can both create a design - animals, fairies, witches - or write the name or a message.

Stocking Befana drawing

If we are on a diet or a Christmas and New Year's Eve we have exaggerated with sugars, but we don't want to give up the stocking, we can draw it so we are not tempted to fill it with candies and chocolates.

Befana stocking photo

There are many examples of Befana stocking to tell, but few photograph them due to the urgency to open it and taste what it contains. I would like it full of chocolates, like these for sale on Amazon for 15 euros: half a kilo of sweetness, bulk, in various flavors including truffle, coffee, rum and, my favorite: amaretto.

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