Self-esteem: meaning and phrases

Self-esteem: meaning and phrases

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Self esteem, a concept that has a lot to do with the green because, as Marilyn Monroe reminds us, “wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are”. So if we don't want to pass for waste, let's try to cultivate the person we are, with love, with respect, even before. If it is difficult, initially, let's try to think of doing it in an anti-waste logic, as if, the lack of self-esteem, it was like throwing a freshly baked grandma's apple pie in the trash. Would you do it? I think not. Then, don't get down, don't get thrown away.

Self-esteem: how to increase it

Before we reveal some simple and applicable tricks to boost our self-esteem, a preamble is needed. A essential premise without which it is useless to follow the advice that follows.

Let us bear in mind that the opinions and judgments of those around us do not have and must have nothing to do withSelf esteem. Now, let's leave these other people's voices outside the door and start cultivating ourselves, avoiding self-sabotaging, for example, thinking that we are not up to the goals we have set ourselves or the role we cover, at work as well as in the family. These "Voices" must be silenced, taking a concrete, small but stubborn step forward.

Who looks after his own Self esteem must not become self-centered, on the contrary, giving sincere compliments to others indirectly has the same effect as paying them to ourselves and trains us to notice people's positives, including us.

From Japan, a particular practice for working on self-esteem is called Kintsugi, do you know him?

Everyday, make a list of commitments and cross them off gradually carrying them out it is certainly healthy and will make us feel like a successful individual: it is not necessary that they are businesses, but also simple tasks that we usually postpone, “but this time no”.

Proceeding along this line, at the end of the day the best thing is to take a notebook in hand and list the goals achieved: this allows us to appreciate what has been done, looking ahead, but aware that we are already ahead of yesterday. If we want to be sure, we make our contribution to the world and here on our website we provide ideas.

We recycle, we don't pollute, we don't waste, we respect people, animals and plants, we donate what is superfluous to us. If you lack ideas, you can join the circuit of GreenApes to be inspired.

Maybe we don't mind, from now on, let's do it: just sit in a corner, stand aside, take the most uncomfortable chair or avoid the front row: let's not be intimidated by the idea of ​​being noticed. The first time it will be impactful, but then it will come automatically and it will be a big help to lift Self-esteem.

Self-esteem: meaning

Having self-esteem means believing a lot in ourselves, sometimes it's a real challenge, one of the hardest: betting on ourselves is more courageousor that betting on the success of others but holding back can only make things worse.

This concept, of self-love, moreover, has a strong influence on the vision that others can have on us so if we are very worried - mistakenly - about what friends and enemies think of us, we must start consider ourselves well. When we know what we're really worth but don't recognize it, we have a self-esteem problem.

Self-esteem: phrases

Don't worry if others don't like you. Worry if you don't appreciate yourself.(Confucius)
Whoever loses money loses a lot; whoever loses a friend loses much more; whoever loses self-confidence loses everything. (Eleanor Anne Roosevelt)
The main task in everyone's life is to give birth to himself. (Erich Fromm)
The worst loneliness is not feeling good about yourself. (Mark Twain)
Remove the "not" from the phrase "I can't". (Samuel Johnson)

Low self-esteem: remedies

It is not possible to work on ours self-esteem without looking each other in the eye, that's why a nice mirror like this, at 15 euros on Amazon, is a remedy that I highly recommend.

Self-esteem in children

If we start to have high self-esteem as children, we are on the right track. With this in mind, as adults, we can behave with those younger than us in a way that grow aware of the beautiful person you are and what will become. Psychoanalysis is not required a children of 5 or 6 years, if not necessary, but to pay attention to gestures and words because they can be imprinted in their memory for a long time. For better or for worse.

So let's try to don't judge or punish them for what they are, if anything for what they have done. When we offer games or competitions, they don't always have to win, but neither are faced with feats that are not feasible for their age or body.

A situation that can undermine the self-esteem of children - and not only - is that characterized by the presence of one dyslalia, or from a pronunciation problem that can lead to feeling awkward, insecure, inferior.

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