Water softener, pros and cons

Water softener, pros and cons

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Water softener:how much it costs, how it works, advantages and disadvantages, opinions and advice. All useful information on the use of a softener for drinking water.

Before being able to flow from the tap in our home, the water faces a long journey during which it is enriched with mineral substances which, if present in high concentrations, are responsible for the formation oflimestone and the consequent encrustations that damage the resistance (and not only) of our appliances.

A water is calledtoughwhen there is an excess of dissolved mineral salts in it. On the contrary, a water is calledsweetwhen there are few dissolved mineral salts in it. Awater softenercan be seen as afilterthan to eliminate limescale from the water making it less hard.

The damage of limestone

To fully understand what theadvantages(or pro) of purchasing a water softener, just summarize what the damage caused by limescale is.

Those who live in areas where water hardness is high will often find themselves repairing broken appliances and pipes at risk! In particular, limescale can cause:

  • Obstruction in the pipes resulting in pressure problems
  • Problems with the boiler and hot water production
  • Losses of various magnitudes
  • Leaks from appliances
  • Encrustations of the pipes, gaskets and threads of the taps
  • Obstructions to the taps
  • Yellowing of the bathroom porcelain
  • Faults in the washing machine filter
  • Faults in the resistance of the water heater
  • Faults in the resistance of the washing machine
  • Failures, on several levels, to the dishwasher
  • Faults in any appliance that uses water (humidifiers, diffusers, irons ...)

If the limescale in your water has already destroyed the electric water heater, take a look at the articlehow to replace the resistance of the water heater.

The damage of limescale on household appliances:because the limestone makes us spend more money on the bill

Water rich in limescale damages any plumbing duct and any appliance that uses water, primarily washing machines and dishwashers. Not only does limescale damage the filter and the resistance of the washing machine but it forces us to use more detergent and consume more electricity!

In the long run, limescale deposits cover the electrical resistance, limestone is an excellent insulator and a bad heat diffuser ... for this reason the washing machine struggles to heat the water, even with "low temperature" washes such as i in washing at 30 ° C, with a consequent waste of energy.

The water makes more turns around the electric resistance because it cannot heat up, consequently it deposits more limescale ... a real vicious circle that only leads to negative consequences. In addition, a high water hardness lowers the efficiency of detergents and causes problems in seals and filters.

Water softeners, pros and cons

THEadvantagesrelated to the installation of awater softenerare clear: the problems listed above will no longer occur at home!

In addition, thanks towater softeneryou will no longer be forced to dry the sink or shower cubicle after each use: fresh water leaves fewer or none at all.

Amongdisadvantagesof the purchase of awater softenerthere are purchase costs and required maintenance.

Awater softenerin fact, it requires frequent refills of salt. It is thanks to the salt that the softener is able to neutralize the limescale present in the water. The addition of salt must be performed, according to the model, with more or less long periodic intervals.

How much does a water softener cost?
We at Our website have carried out a market survey to tell you that a plumber can ask you from 1000 to 1500 euros for the purchase and installation of a water softener.

However, you can reduce the cost by more than 50% if you aim for DIY or you decide to buy the water softener yourself and pay a plumber for the labor alone.

Among the cheapest models on the market and with the best value for money we point out the W2B800 model ofWater2buy. On Amazon, this water softener is offered at a price of 549 euros. The same model, in plumbing and heating stores can be found at a price of no less than 800 euros.

Fittings, power supplies and valves are supplied with the softener to facilitate installation. Ideally, the softener should be mounted between the meter and the internal water load.

N.b: the softener is able to guarantee water filtration for up to 10 people (it can produce 3,680 liters of fresh water per day) and has a salt tank with a capacity of about 39 kilograms.



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