Natural remedies for scars

Natural remedies for scars

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Natural remedies for scars: what to use to accelerate the skin re-epithelialization and healing process. From essential oils to herbs with DIY healing wraps.

Nature offers us a large number of plants fromhealing properties. Scars can be unsightly marks, especially if they are found on very exposed points such as the face or abdomen.

The skin, in the area affected by a deep wound, is thin, fragile, cracked and hyper-sensitive. On this page we will analyze somenatural remedieswhich can help the processnatural re-epithelializationof the skin. Other natural remedies and advice are available on the page: how to heal a wound quickly.

Natural remedies for scars

Given that essential oils should never be used pure on the skin but always diluted, in very low percentages, in carrier oils, you can use them to treat your scars.

Essential oil of geranium

Geranium essential oil has important antiseptic, haemosttic, astringent and ...cicatrizants! You can dilute it in a percentage of 1% - 3% in a vegetable carrier oil (almond oil is fine as well as olive oil, although the most suitable for healing a wound is calendula carrier oil) .

For those who intend to use it to prevent pregnancy stretch marks, it is not recommended for use during the first 3 months of gestation.

For all the information on where to find it and how to best use it:essential oil of geranium.

Essential oil of neroli

Not to be confused with the essential oil of orange, in fact the essential oil of neroli is not extracted from the fruit of the citrus fruit but from its flowers. For this reason it is a very precious essential oil in demand in the field of perfumery and cosmetics.

It helps cell regeneration and can be used fornatural treatment of scars, including the marks left on the face by acne and pimples. Not only can it heal and promote the disappearance of scars but it can prevent the appearance of stretch marks during a weight loss diet or during pregnancy. Improves the elasticity of the skin.

As it is a very valuable essential oil, it is more expensive. For all the information on where to buy it and how to best use it for body care, we refer you to the dedicated page:neroli essential oil.

Other healing essential oils

Other healing properties are proposed by the essential oil of cloves, essential oil of myrrh, the classic essential oil of lavender and essential oil of cypress. You can make a combined use always paying attention not to exceed the maximum concentration threshold of essential oils. Pay particular attention to the use of clove essential oil which is particularly irritating if usedpureon the skin.

Carrier oil: calendula oil

You can dilute the chosen essential oils in a carrier oil that can, in turn, have healing and elasticizing properties of the skin. Among the most suitable carrier oils we point out that of calendula.

Calendula oil is also excellent in case of irritation of children's skin (it is very delicate) therefore also suitable for those with very sensitive skin. Disinfects, disinfects and helps skin re-epithelialization.

For all the information on where to find it, please refer to the official Amazon page: "100% Pure Calendula Oil, we have recommended this product because it has an excellent value for money. A 100 ml bottle can be bought for only 7.50 euros and free shipping costs.

Products to eliminate scars and stretch marks

Bio-Oil - dermatological oil against stretch marks and scars
It is a pharmaceutical product that should not be applied directly to the injured skin but only when the healing process is underway and the wound has healed. It is formulated to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone.

Mustela, anti stretch mark oil
This product is also very useful for eliminating scars and stretch marks. Particularly useful for young mothers or for those who have recently faced a weight loss diet and want to eliminate stretch marks.

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