How to lay carpet on stairs

How to lay carpet on stairs

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How to lay carpet on the stairs:do-it-yourself carpet laying on linear, spiral or fan-shaped staircases. Necessary items and tips for a perfect pose.

A soft carpet can perform various functions, primarily the decorative one. Therecarpetmanages to recreate a warm and welcoming environment. On the market there are every model, with textures suitable for any living environment. A carpet knows how to attract attention, plus it eliminates footsteps and protects the floor below.

Of course, a carpet is not maintenance free: they represent a critical point in domestic cleaning as textile fibers can retain a lot of dust and become the favorite haunt of mites. To ensure proper carpet maintenance, please read the article:how to clean carpet naturally.

Carpet on steps: runner or whole

Therecarpet on the stairsit can be laid so that it covers the entire length of the steps or only the central part, creating the classicrunner. In case of a runner, it is best to purchase onecustom carpetbecause the edges must guarantee maximum symmetry. There are other circumstances in which the purchase of onecustom carpetit is more suitable: theready-made runnersthey can be comfortable and convenient in case of linear stairs; in case ofspiral staircases, curves or fan-shaped steps, better to buy custom-made products that better follow each curve.

In the case of a linear staircase, the carpet measurements must be taken by measuring the height of each riser and the depth of each tread. These two values ​​must be multiplied by the total number of steps. To the total, you will have to add an additional meter, necessary for folding at the beginning and end of the stairs; the tolerance meter will also cover the protruding edges of the treads.

How to lay carpet on stairs

Therelaying carpet on the stairsit is performed from the bottom upwards. In this way you can, at the same time, unroll the carpet by placing it, gradually, on the step above.

Before thecarpet laying, on each step, individually, a felt substrate will be fixed. Each piece of felt must cover the entire tread and fixed near the riser. You can fix the felt with nails or with L-shaped metal profiles. The L-shaped metal profiles are very comfortable. The special L-shaped rods will thus be automatically fixed between the tread and the riser. Each rod will allow the gripping of thecarpet. Therecarpetit will be interlocked on the L-shaped structure, right in the front corner of the step, between the riser and the tread.

Forlay the carpetspread it thoroughly up to the corner nailed profiles, to ensure maximum fixing, use a chisel with a wide blade. For each step, repeat this movement with force and precision. As you go up and place the carpet on the next step, be careful to align the carpet perfectly along the steps.

Finally, nail the carpet on the last riser of the staircase. For the final fixing of the cutlery, special metal thresholds are used that level the covering to the floor of the upper floor.

How to lay carpet on spiral staircases

In case ofspiral stairsor curved stairs, it will be necessary to carry out ad hoc folds. Under no circumstances must the carpet strip be interrupted! The carpet, at the curvature, must be folded back on itself. The surplus is folded against each lift.

To fix the excess carpet (folding) against the riser, special spiked structures are used. Therefore, nail the three layers of carpet overlapping each other on each riser of the curve steps.

  • carpet laying tool
  • wide blade chisel

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