Pole dance: benefits

Pole dance: benefits

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Pole dance, not Lap Dance, because "pole" in this case makes the difference between two very different activities that have different objectives. What I want to talk about is not the dance practiced in clubs for men only, but the other, which is practiced in the gym under the eyes of an attentive and prepared coach or trainer. There Pole dance requires a lot of physical effort and it makes us feel good, it is a cross between dance, acrobatic gymnastics and there are already numerous varieties including the Pole Artistic, the Pole Exotic and the Pole Fitness.

In common, the Pole dance and the Lap dance, have the pole, essential for both, but the first does not require the presence of the public, at most we see our classmates, intent on sweating as much as we do.

Pole dance: what it is

There Pole dance is a sport discipline recognized in Italy in June 2010 but which has much more ancient and much more distant origins. There are those who believe that it comes from China, a country where aancient form of gymnastics very similar to what gyms offer today.

Another ancestor of pole dance could be it Kyokuzashi, a show from the 1800s made in Japan in which people jumped through paper lanterns on wooden poles.

Pole dance: benefits

In this musical gymnastics, or if we want, we can also call it one acrobatic dance, unexpectedly we find ourselves a moving muscles that often in other disciplines they are not involved, for example the inner ones of the thighs. You could do specific exercises instead of giving yourself to Pole dance, except that the benefits are quite different.

This activity reinforces many muscles (abs, biceps, triceps, lats, glutes, adductors, quadriceps, and hamstrings), also improving the cardiovascular system, tones thighs, buttocks, abs and arms and at the same time improves balance and coordination. You will see that hips and waistline after a few months of Pole dance not to mention the improvements from the point of view of muscle flexibility and posture.

Those who follow a Pole dance course for a year, can then also notice how this type of movements made in a constant and serious way, they develop endurance, strength, drive and mobility. Let's not forget that we are not just a mass of bones, muscles and nerves: this gymnastics with pole also has a forte power at the level of self-esteem and increases the sensuality of the movements without ever ceasing to be fun.

Pole dance makes you lose weight

Although it is not its main purpose, yes, it is true that this gymnastics makes you lose weight as it is very “lively” and tiring. If in appearance the movements of an expert in Pole dance they seem easy and fluid, they actually hide intense work. The courses are crowded with people, 90% women, who want burn calories and tone your body. This road is not as boring as others: there are 140 figures that require a lot of strength, commitment and dedication.

Pole dance Milan

Together with Rome and two or three other cities, Milan is the one that offers the most opportunities for courses of this type. For example, they organize them at Pole Dance Milan (Via Fratelli Bressan), al Milan Pole Dance Studio (Viale Col di Lana) and al Pole Dancing Academy Milan (Via Thermopylae) but just search online to find a comfortable place to register, being a gymnastics that is depopulating.

Pole dance Rome

Even in the capital, the Pole dance really like it, there are those who practice it al Rome pole dance studio (Via Degli Anemoni), who atAngel Vertical Dolls, in Via Gramsci in Fiano Romano, and who atAnonymous Vertical Dolls, in Via Lazio, in Fabrica di Roma. Also look in your neighborhood, you will find a gym where you can try this novelty.

Pole dance contraindications

To give oneself to this dance it is necessary to have a decent if not excellent athletic preparation: it involves the whole body and it is necessary to have a minimum of endurance, flexibility and coordination to improve them day after day. Starting from scratch is not convenient and we could come out of the first lesson in pain and demoralized.

Even those who have no bite are not suitable for this gymnastics which does not give immediate results, it requires patience and determination, a work of muscle strengthening that supports the most choreographic part so that the figures succeed well. I'm not talking about years of waiting for satisfaction, but about three or four months. Who suffers from frequent back pain, it is better that you try another exercise to tone your muscles.

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