Reuse the oil for frying

Reuse the oil for frying

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Reuse the oil for frying: how many times can fried oil be used and how it should be disposed of correctly. Tips for recycling oil for frying.

How often can you use fried oil

There are several studies that strongly advise againstuse of the same oil for different frying, especially if of seeds. So, to the questionhow often can you use fried oil, the answer is "one", frying must be done with virgin oil.

Why can't use the same oil several times for frying?

According to research published inFood Chemistry, the heating of the oil favors the formation of oxygenated aldehyde, a potentially dangerous chemical compound that can favor, in humans, the appearance of even serious diseases. If we heat the frying oil several times, the concentration of these chemical compounds increases.

The study, led by the team of researchers frommaria Dolores Guillen of the University of the Basque Country, analyzed thereuse of oil for frying seeds and olives.

To answer the question, the chemists of the University of the Basque Country put olive oil and sunflower oil in two fryers at 190 ° C and linseed oil (little used in cooking, but very rich in omega three) in another deep fryer. The team turned on the fryers for five days in a row and then analyzed their composition with a tool called a 'gas chromatograph'.

At the end of the test, bothfrying oilsthey were rich in oxygenated and unsaturated aldehydes. The research team repeated the test with other frying oils.

What's the worst oil for frying?

The worst results were recorded with sunflower oil which generates a very high amount of aldehydes during frying. Sunflower oil not only produces more harmful compounds than other oils, but also releases them in the shortest time recorded.

What is the best oil for frying?

The best oil for frying is undoubtedly olive oil, which releases less aldedi and takes longer to produce.

In reality, not only should the frying oil not be used for multiple frying but it should not be used for prolonged cooking either.

Guillen's research team studied the behavior of frying oil in different cooking modes. Guillen's studies have shown that prolonged cooking of the oil (or rather, the exposure of the oil to high temperatures) also triggers the formation of other compounds harmful to humans, these are aliphatic compounds, alkibenzenes. Also in this case, for prolonged cooking, the best oil is olive oil.

We do not want to alarm consumers " Guillen writes “But the data are clear and we cannot ignore them. We need to deepen the research and establish precise limits for the oils used in frying "

How to dispose of the frying oil

For itdisposal of frying oilyou can use plastic bottles. You can collect bottles for oil disposal from your municipality of residence or reuse the bottle of detergents for the washing machine. For all information: fried oil disposal.

Once you've got the bottle, that's it! Collect the frying oil it will be very simple:

  • Wait for thefrying oilcool down.
  • Pour thefried oilin the bottle.
  • When the bottle is completely filled, deliver it to the nearest ecological island.

-Exhausted oil can also be delivered to the municipality: many Italian administrations have active the collection of used vegetable oils.
- Again, alternatively, talk to a restaurateur: some restaurateurs will be willing to give your vial along with the most dipping quantities of used oil produced in their kitchens.

Do not be discouraged by the fact that it will be you, in first person, who have to deliver the bottle of used oil. If you take a large enough bottle (such as the 5 liter one), the disposal operation will only have to be performed a few times a year.

To know in detail the authorized centers for separate collection and disposal of fried oilyou can consult the Consorzio Conoe, National Compulsory Consortium for the collection and treatment of used vegetable and animal oils and fats.

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