German short-haired pointing dog

German short-haired pointing dog

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German pointing dog short-haired in his country of origin is called Deutscher Kurzhaar and is very keen to be so defined, very proud to be born in Germany and to belong to the group of Pointing dogs. It has a medium size and morphologically falls into the category of the Braccoide, from the shape of the muzzle you can guess it, as well as from its distinct and harmonious appearance.

It is certainly a dog that can boast admirable physical performance, it is resistant and strong, as well as very fast, but it does not have a rustic appearance, on the contrary. The fine head, the tail carried in a composed way and the shiny coat they give it a very noble and elegant look.

German short-haired pointing dog: characteristics

Up to 66 cm tall at the withers, the German short-haired pointing dog he has a muscular but lean body, the chest is deep but proportionate, the back should not stretch too much and the abdomen is better if it remains in relief. The limbs are long but with a robust structure, shapely and straight, with compact feet and strong nails, the tail is thick at the base and has a medium length.

The head of the German short-haired pointing dog it is dry and well chiseled, broad and with a strong and long muzzle ending with a slightly prominent nose. It is usually brown but if the coat has a white background, it can also be flesh-colored or even spotted. The best eye color is the dark brown, they are neither protruding nor sunken and have an average size, le ears have an elongated shape, they start wide at the root and to the touch they are neither too fleshy nor too fine.

The hair of the German short-haired pointing dog it is always short and hard, not particularly soft to stroke but suitable for being outdoors, on the ears and head it is shorter than in other areas such as the lower part of the tail. The breed standard admits numerous colors, from brown without spots to brown and white, up to brown with speckles on the chest and limbs but there are also specimens dark brown roan, light brown roan, white with head brown and black with shades.

German short-haired pointing dog: temperament

This breed is highly appreciated both for its aesthetic qualities and for its qualities "on the field"it is important to keep him in perfect shape, therefore, and to ensure that he can do a lot of movement. Even because loves freedom and open spaces, possibly green.

He has an unbeatable nose and a spirit, as well as a physique, like an athlete, a good heart and a faithful character. He gets very attached to the owner, adapts to any type of climate and shows himself obedient, not because he is submissive but because particularly smart.

German short-haired pointing dog: puppies

The first puppies of German short-haired pointing dog with the appearance we know today, they were born after 1895, when the characters of the breed began to stabilize, after the first tests of work on the ground. Today this breed is very widespread, the best known in Italy among the Kurzhaar, beloved in Germany, and throughout Europe.

The selection work dates back to the 17th century, we are in Prussia and the initial crossings were between Spanish Bracco and Franco-Italian Bracchi, more elegant, there is also the hypothesis that the German shorthaired pointing dog has some blood of the Belgian Bracco, or of the Bloodhound. Being well known, the theories on its origin are many, there is also the one that supports it with Pointer.

Breeding of German shorthaired pointing dogs

Only in Italy, which is not even his homeland, the German short-haired pointing dog it has almost a hundred farms in its name, the ENCI website says so, so they are all officially recognized. The regions that host the most are Lombardy, with 27, and Emilia Romagna, with 15, but if you take a look at the site of ENCI you will certainly find the most comfortable one, there are in every region or almost.

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