Japanese terrier: breeding and character

Japanese terrier: breeding and character

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Japanese Terrier, a small dog with a more than dignified and very alert appearance that obviously comes from Japan and, even more obviously, belongs to the Terrier group. If it allows us to compare it to another terrier, since it is not very common in our area, we can mention the Fox Terrier smooth-haired: they have the same structure compact and robust but elegant. What distinguishes them even in the eyes of those who do not know them is evident in the color of the coat, while the more experienced can also notice the slight difference in height at the withers that makes the body of our Japanese Terrier inscribed in a square.

Japanese Terrier dog

The Japanese Terrier it is certainly Japanese, but not as "historical" as all the other dogs that this country has introduced us to, or almost. The Japan Terrier is a breed "built at the table", by mating some specimens of “Black and Tan Toy Terrier", of "Smooth-haired Fox Terriero "and"English White Terrier". The first two are still around, the last is an extinct breed.

The origins, albeit recent, of ours Japanese terrier they are to be found in Western Japan, today the breed is recognized by both Japanese Kennel Club, both from the International Cynological Federation.

Japanese terrier character

Lively and happy, this Terrier it is a pity that it is not widespread in our area because it has an excellent character even for staying in an apartment. At home, in fact, it is often used as a companion dog, even if it has the innate characteristics of a terrier. With the master he is obedient and very docile, intelligent and willing to welcome even strangers without being aggressive if he sees that he is well-liked by others.

Japanese terrier breeding in Italy

There are no farms of Japanese terrier in our country, ENCI does not indicate any certificates and therefore for now we can only imagine what a puppy of this breed would be like. As an adult it reaches a height of 30-38 cm at the withers, with a square trunk and slightly arched rump, a not very broad chest and straight limbs with long and firm thighs that allow it to maintain a light and agile gait.

The tail is not very long and rather thin, the head is tapered, not really pointed but it is not a massive head, the stop is not too marked, the cheeks are flat and the always black nose is not huge, quite the contrary.

The ears protrude rather high and are small, thin and V-shaped, they fall forward, often, in fact they are accepted even if bent over the skull, the eyes are oval and not too big, dark brown while the hair color is triple. Yes, but in the sense that the Japanese terrier is tricolor: white on the body and white, black and fire on the head, the hair is everywhere short, smooth and shiny.

Japanese terrier price

A puppy of Japanese terrier It is priceless, I would say, because it is so difficult to find that it is priceless. In case you are lucky enough to be able to buy one, however, beware of more recurring defects such as non-standard sizes, colors not allowed by the standard, heavy bones, round skulls, light eyes, incorrect gait.

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