Lizards in the house: how to get them out

Lizards in the house: how to get them out

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Lizards in the house, for those who love greenery, because often these little animals knock on our door, or on the window, to keep us company and enliven the room. The fact is that, in truth, they don't knock, they just enter and we meet them in the corridor, we find them in the wardrobe or in the magazines left at the foot of our favorite armchair.

Italian lizards

The Lizards at home in Italy are those walls, their scientific name is Podarcis Muralis, they belong to the Lacertidi family but are called muraiole due to their habit of spending hours and hours on walls or stones, sunbathing. It is easy to recognize this lizard from its other cousins ​​because on the back it is dark and sports black side bands, on the belly it is instead clear with black spots. Its body is slender, the head is triangular, it is not exaggerated in size.

The Lizards in the house, except from October to March, months of hibernation, they can sneak all over Italy, especially in sunny countryside areas, in clearings or if we live on the edge of woods.
In short, where there are stones and dry stone walls in which to hide. In addition to our peninsula, wall makers like to live in Iberian Peninsula, in France, southern Belgium and the Netherlands, she is a skilled swimmer and can also move in the water.

Lizards in the house: how to spot them

We often know we have Lizards in the house but we can't locate them. We may have seen them in passing, and now we hear their noise and presence, but to hunt them we must find them. It is better to go hunting for lizards indoors at night, because they are more active and can betray themselves by making noise. We start by moving furniture and various clutches to find hiding places, but let's not forget to look up because of these little animals really enjoy walking on the walls. They do not disdain cabinets and shelves.

Lizards in the house - they can be useful!

Before we despair because we don't want to Lizards in the house, desire even legitimate, know that they are not poisonous animals at all. And I'll tell you more: those wall-makers who are in our area are gardener's helpers. They feed on small cockroaches and scorpions, they then clean up invaders in the vegetable garden and in the garden, also eating other insects harmful to plants.

Lizards in the house: how to get them out

Now let's see how to get rid of Lizards in the house. First of all, let's close all the exits: it seems absurd but it is the only way to be sure to chase them away, otherwise we will be left with the doubt: has this intruder gone out or has just changed rooms? Better to equip ourselves with fabric and slip it into the slots.

To heal the lizards from their homes, those who find a friend find a treasure: two divide the tasks, one makes them distract and come out and the other catches them. In the absence of a friend or neighbor to give us a hand, we can encourage them Lizards in the house to go out armed with a newspaper or a magazine, to push them gently out or into a jar, and then go out into the garden and free it in the green.

Another trick, less obvious, is the use of water: by spraying cold water from a bottle, these reptiles seem to go away slamming the door. You can always try! In the meantime, I advise you to keep the house clean as much as possible avoiding leftovers or open food packages left around: just use comfortable Seals Bags. Or take a cat, here of all cat breeds I bring you a list and cards.

Lizards: coloring page

While we wait for the Lizards in the house let them be found, we can pass the time by coloring one.

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