Artemisia: plant and its properties

Artemisia: plant and its properties

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Artemisia, a plant that is increasingly popular, not because it grows on top of the mountains but because it is at the top of the thoughts of more and more people. Especially to those who hope to find, by using it, the solution to their ailments, in a natural and effective way.

If we are discovering and enhancing her now, she, Artemisia, has been growing and sprouting for centuries and centuries, its name is linked to the figure of the Greek goddess Artemis, protector of hunters. There are also those who believe it was the queen Artemisia to give her the name after having tested the benefits, in love with the power of this little showy little plant. In Italy, in many varieties, it grows spontaneously, so spontaneous that it is considered a weed.

Artemisia: the plant

Belonging to the Asteraceae family, an annual plant in name and in fact, Artemisia in the past it was even considered a magic herb, this must lead us to think that perhaps a little magic, and some benefits, can really bring it. The ancients attributed to this plant the power to multiply the psychic qualities and mediumistic states of individuals keeping all negative spirits away from them, the fears, anxieties and ghosts of the past.

What is said, even if we do not have any selfie to document it, is that it was used to make infusions and potions that were then used to clean the magic spheres and mirrors. All this magical aura, perhaps, is partly explained by the fact that Artemisia is a plant influenced by Mars and the Moon, and the lunatics like it.

Artemisia: where it grows

It grows spontaneously also in Italy, today, Artemisia, but its origins are not Italian or even European, they are to be found in China, especially in the mountainous regions of north-west Asia. Fortunately, given its properties, it has since spread in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania, in general, it is a plant that can adapt almost anywhere, as long as there is a dry or semi-dry habitat in which it feels comfortable.

Not too much, however, otherwise you can go from appreciating it to detesting it, as is often the case with the Artemisia vulgaris and with the campestris, considered pests above all, they invade gardens of homes or buildings used for commercial and recreational purposes. Although it is not a mountain plant by definition, it can also appear at perennial snow altitudes if in the glacialis and Genipi Weber varieties.

Artemisia: properties and benefits

We know she liked the goddess of the hunt and a queen, that is protected by Mars, but we are not yet aware of the properties we can actually benefit from every day. What makes the special Artemisia - I do not say magical, but special yes - it is its artemisinin content, we must be grateful to this substance if we can find relief from fever and gastrointestinal problems with a natural remedy based on this plant.

It's not over, it makes you digest well and with the Vulgaris an excellent mother tincture can be prepared for menstrual irregularities, intestinal worms and inappetence. The magical artemisin can also be used to make drugs against malaria and there are ongoing studies that thoroughly investigate the properties of Artemisia even against cancer.

n in vitro experiments demonstrated a toxic effect on cancer cells and that drugs containing these active ingredients are used as a treatment for malaria. The same institute is evaluating the effects of another active ingredient contained in Artemisia - dihydroartemisinin is precisely in regards to its potential anti-cancer properties.

Artemisa: posology

Waiting for good news on this front, cheering on those who spend their lives in studies and research that improve the lives of all of us, let's see how we can use todayArtemisia after purchasing it in a herbalist's shop or online. Although I've talked about it so far, before proceeding, make sure it's the right natural remedy for the ailment you want to eliminate. It is therefore better to consult with your doctor or herbalist before reserving the wrong plant.

We can try herbal teas withArtemisia, or infusions or decoctions, perfect for those suffering from poor digestion or intestinal swelling. In "hydroalcoholic extract" format, it becomes more effective for disorders related to the menstrual cycle, then there are natural supplements based on artemisinin which I hope you will never have to buy since they are recommended in case of malaria and infections caused by parasites.

For the doses, they are not secret, but I do not indicate them because they must be absolutely well evaluated taking into consideration the health conditions and any intolerances. If we exaggerate, Artemisia can have toxic and no longer "magical" effects.

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