Growing cabbage, tips and varieties

Growing cabbage, tips and varieties

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Grow cabbages: instructions oncultivationof the different varieties of cabbage. Winter cabbage, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and many other varieties. Cultivation in the garden or in pots.

When to plant cabbage

There are many varieties of cabbage, but for the most common, the planting period coincides. At the beginning of October, with the arrival of autumn, you can start with the planting of the following varieties of cabbage:

  • Winter cabbage or cabbage pours
  • Kohlrabi
  • Cauliflower
  • Cabbage Broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Cabbage

Growing Brussels sprouts

Who wants grow cabbage in pots can opt for iBrussels sprouts, very easy to manage and a couple of plants can be very satisfying. For a complete guide to the cultivation of potted cabbage, please visit the guide article "Growing Brussels sprouts".

How to grow cauliflower

Betweencabbage crops, that of cauliflower is very popular. It is easy to grow and with good organization it can also be planted in pots. In just one square meter, with the right care, you will be able to produce even more than 3 kg of crop. For all information on thecauliflower cultivationwe invite you to read the page: "Grow cauliflower“.

Grow savoy cabbage or winter cabbage

Thesavoy cabbageBrassica oleracea bullata, has a short stem with bullose and crinkled leaves. Thewinter cabbageorcabbageit's even more productive than cauliflower, so if you likegrow cabbage in potsor in a small space, consider this choice. Each square meter of cultivated area can give you a harvest of between 4 and 8 kg.

Cultivation times are similar to those of cauliflower: from the moment of transplantation it takes 90 days to continue to harvest but only if early autumn varieties are used. For the later winter varieties it will be necessary to wait up to 200 days.

Grow cabbage

Thecabbage,better definedBrassica oleracea happens, is similar to cabbage but is distinguished by a greater earliness (it will take less time to develop), shape and color.

Cabbage heads can be elongated, spherical, conical or flattened depending on the variety. Color also varies - we havecabbagegreen, red or violet.

It is among the cabbages that are best kept in the refrigerator so if you consume few vegetables or live alone, consider this parameter too.

Grow broccoli

Betweencabbagesmost popular in southern Italy. Broccoli cabbage,Brassica oleracea selvedge, is similar to cauliflower. Based on the variety we havebroccoli cabbageviolet or deep green, reddish or lighter green cabbages.

THEbroccolithey are earlier than cauliflowers andsavoy cabbage. It takes 70 - 90 days from plant to harvest.

Growing cabbage: sowing

You can start thecabbage cultivationstarting fromsowing in a protected environment. Keep in mind that the plant must have a minimum of 5 or 6 leaves before being planted.

Thesowing periodit differs a lot from that of planting because in the germination phase the plants develop very slowly.

Most varieties ofcabbages, in fact, if grown fromsowing, must be placed in cellular containers well in advance. The sowing period varies greatly depending on the variety so you should consult the planting sheet on the back of the purchase package.

Germination and early development are very slow. For example, those who sow towards mid-August can then transplant only towards the beginning of October.

Growing cabbage, useful tips

Cabbages need a soil rich in organic substance otherwise the "head" will have a reduced development. Before planting, carry out a deep dig with mature manure or compost. During cultivation, cabbage needs water: water shortages limit the development of the inflorescence, penalizing the harvest. Cabbages suffer from a lack of water.

To extend the harvest time, do atransplantintelligent by planting very early, early and late varieties. This way you will have a staggering harvest.

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