Havana Brown cat: breeding and price

Havana Brown cat: breeding and price

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Havana Brown cat, we can imagine what color this animal is but less where it comes from, also because it is a breed that has two legs in one country and two more in another. I'm talking about Thailand and Great Britain. By approximation we can combine it with Siamese cat, as a physical structure, even if the shiny dark brown hair, from head to tail, makes it unique. His are also wonderful emerald green eyes, which stand out in the brown of the body and differ from the blue ones of the Siamese.

Havana Brown cat: characteristics

The Havana Brown cat in addition to having brown hair, he always has it short, so that his snappy body, slender but like an athlete is evident. It weighs about 5 kg, the females even 4, and is medium in size. Its bone is light, the head appears elongated and the pointed muzzle resembles the shape of the triangle.

He has lo cheeks with thin ears, a long nose, a slightly receding chin and ears set diagonally and very large. Green and expressive, the eyes have an almond shape, the tail is long and tapered, the limbs are also thin and long, ending with small and oval legs. We have already said a lot about the hair, but it actually is silky and soft, close to the body and almost without undercoat.

Havana Brown cat: character

This breed needs a lot of pampering and a lot of company: the Havana Brown cat if he remains alone in the house he suffers tremendously, he could even get to make mischief, even if he is not the type. The fear of abandonment blinds him and he starts making trouble, getting dirty, scratch the sofas and pee on the floor.

If he is not abandoned to himself, he is affectionate and sociable, he would stay 24 hours a day in the arms of his master, or he would play, and not only as a child, into old age, with all kinds of toys. The Havana Brown cat he is one of those who can also be trained to be on a leash if desired, which means he is intelligent and obedient.

At home or in the garden, it is always a very curious, looks and sniffs everywhere, even the guests must undergo his feline exam to be welcomed. However, it is an animal that also knows how to adapt to the company of other cats and dogs, even with children.

Black Havana Brown cat

The Havana Brown cat it is brown, it is its main characteristic, it would not give it to anyone and it has always made it unique and admired. In fact, this breed was adored since ancient times in Siam (Thailand) for its beauty largely linked to the special color of the hair, perfect with green eyes to stand out like living stones. It is said that it is partly English then, because its modern version was actually "created" in England in the mid-twentieth century, crossing the Russian blue and common cats, with the Siamese cat.

A third country is intertwined with the history of Havana Brown cat and of its diffusion, because when this cat landed in the United States, in the sixties, it depopulated for the first time in the true sense of the word. Over the years, the specimens from overseas have become almost unrecognizable to those who knew the English breed, so it was decided to give birth to two distinct breeds. English is a Siamese chocolate color with the typical characteristics of the oriental short-haired cat, while the American is more similar to the Russian blue although it continues to look a lot like the Siamese. In neither case is the Black Havana Brown cat, However.

Havana Brown cat: breeding

It is not very widespread as a breed, this one of the siamese chocolate color, but in Italy it can be found. For example at the Havalot Cattery in Rome which explains its history and how to become masters of Havana Brown cat. It is also necessary to know that, once we have taken a specimen of this breed, we will have our work, with the hair, but not too much, since it is fortunately long.

Just one brush every week, with one soft brush, maybe a wipe with the chamois cloth when it is moulting period. An eye should also be given to the ears and nails, but as with any purebred cat or not, it is well kept and loved.

Havana Brown cat: price

To know the price of a puppy of Havana Brown cat it is better to contact the breeding I mentioned directly or to others you know who keep this breed with love and passion. If in doubt, ask your veterinarian, knowing that i more frequent defects are the presence of traces of brindle, yellow or brown shades in the eyes, roughness of the coat or its excessive length, and the presence of abundant undercoat.

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