How to clean the hood

How to clean the hood

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How to clean the hood: instructions for cleaning the cooker hood. From cleaning to changing the filter to allow maximum extraction of cooking fumes and vapors.

If you have noticed that yourscooker hoodit no longer sucks in all the cooking vapors as it once did, it is a clear sign that the time has come to change the filters. In reality, we should not go to the point of losing the complete efficiency of the hood and we should act at the first signs. Acooker hoodwell functioning leaves no room for the smell of frying because with the full efficiency of the filters it is able to absorb bad smells in the kitchen.

Hood maintenance:eliminate bad smells in the kitchen

There cleaning the hood it must be carried out periodically, together with other routine work (cleaning the fridge, freezer…). The grease and dirt that accumulate inside the hood can generate bad smells, in particular, the frying fumes can leave residues between the air spaces of the suction system, penalizing the ability to suck in the vapors during cooking.

Therecleaningof the hoodit must be performed in all its parts, both internally and externally. In particular, the maintenance of the hood is divided into three phases:

  • cleaning the outside
  • cleaning the inside
  • cleaning or replacing the filters

In thekitchen extractor hoodsof more recent production, where the metal filter is present, this should not be replaced but just wash it.

If you have an older hood, consider replacing it, not only for the suction capacity but also for energy saving: an older hood absorbs a lot of electricity! In this context, consult our guidehow to choose the kitchen hood, useful tips.

How to clean the cooker hood

You can clean the outside of the hood using a soft cloth soaked in warm soapy water (better if you use a neutral soap or natural soap such as Marseille soap). Avoid the use of too aggressive chemical detergents, they are not only bad for the environment: the hood is located close to the hob, in constant contact with food, better to avoid food contamination by detergent!

When to clean the hood?
The cleaning of the internal parts of the hood should be performed every other week. I know it's not nice to know but ... the hood represents the den of excellence for dirt: fumes, bad smells and greases accumulate.

Forclean the inside of the hoodFirst, remove the lid. The hood cover can be removed very easily, it is usually interlocked with a clip, if you have any doubts consult the user manual of your hood or the manufacturer's website.

Fill a container with hot, soapy water and soak the lid for a few hours. In the meantime, clean the inside walls of the hood using a soft and delicate sponge. Be careful to clean the corners and all seams.

How to clean the hood filter:wash by hand or in the dishwasher

This is the most delicate phase. Therecleaning the hood filtersvaries according to the material they are made of.

The hood filter can be synthetic, metallic or with activated carbon. Filters contain most of the accumulated dirt and determine the degree of efficiency of the hood itself.

THEhood filtersin metal they are made with a honeycomb structure. They must be washed at least every 15 days, by hand or in the dishwasher using the ECO wash (therefore at 50 ° C) or in any case avoiding too strong washes.

Replacing the hood filter

Plastic filters cannot be washed, so they will need to be changed. Like the plastic filters, the activated carbon filters also need to be replaced. Activated carbon filters perform an important anti-odor action: this type of filter is not washable otherwise it would lose its anti-odor action.

When to replace the filters:how often should the hood filter be replaced

Synthetic filters should be changed approximately every two months. The activated carbon filters, on the other hand, have a higher evening, the activated carbon cartridges must be replaced every four months.

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