Grow coffee at home

Grow coffee at home

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Grow coffee at home o in the garden: tips for growing the coffee plant. Coffea arabica can make a perfect ornamental plant and doesn't need a lot of care.

ThereCoffea Arabicait's aunusual houseplant, it is beautiful and adapts well to the home environment. Thecoffee plantsYes they cancultivatenot only for production purposes, also as ornamental plants.

Therecoffee plant, better defined asCoffea arabica, is a beautiful plant that can also thrive in Italy, in areas with a milder climate or in the home.

If you meangrow coffee at homeyou don't have to haveproductive aims. A couple of home-grown coffee trees can brighten the environment, make it more appealing but they certainly won't give you a good harvest!

Therecoffee plantit is native to Africa: in its natural habitat it is a shrub that can reach and exceed 8 meters in height. With the cultivation in pots, only if well maintained, onecoffee plant in the house it can reach 2 meters in height.

Coffee plant, characteristics

Therecoffea arabicait has a beautiful dark, shiny (waxed) foliage and composed of oval leaves capable of giving the plant a rounded crown if grown as a sapling.

In nature, thecoffee plantsthey bloom in late spring but in our country, with thecultivation at home, flowering is brought forward to March. The flowers are white, with the typical star shapes and embellish the house with a pleasant scent.

Flowering gives life to rounded fruits, initially green in color and which become red with ripening. The fruits contain two green seeds which, after roasting, take on the classic brown color of coffee.

Cultivating Arabica coffee in pots

It is not difficultgrow coffee in pots. During the winter, the potted coffee plant should be moved to the veranda or to a very bright place.

In summer, the Arabica coffee plant should be kept in a shady place not exposed to heat: temperatures above 30 - 32 ° C can damage the coffee plant, especially if there is not enough humidity in the air. In the hottest summers, in addition to irrigating the potted plant, you would do well to spray water around the canopy, trunk and pot.

Growing coffee at home, care

Therecoffea arabicathrives in Africa, where the rains are abundant and frequent, so with thecultivation of coffee in pots, irrigations must be frequent. In summer, the coffee plant in the house should be watered daily; in winter you can reduce irrigation taking into account the conditions of atmospheric humidity.

The plant, in winter, must not be exposed in environments with temperatures below 18 ° C. For those wishing to grow coffee in the garden, they will have to organize themselves with pots that can be moved to sheltered places during the winter.

The potting soil to use forgrow coffee in potsit must be very draining and with a tendentially acidic pH reaction (with a pH between 5 and 6).

potted coffeeit must be fertilized once a month during the first two years after planting, then it will be necessary to continue with the fertilizations but at the first sign of wasting you will have to increase the frequency: when thepotted coffee plantwill have reached considerable size, perform a fertigation every 15 days.

Therepotting the coffeeit must be performed annually, offering the plant a container with a diameter greater than about 2 cm.

ThereCoffea Arabicais a shrubby plant, to keep ittidyit will be necessary to proceed with timely pruning. After fruiting, use sharp shears to cut off too many branches. Pruning is used to maintain an orderly appearance of the foliage but also to increase the possibility of flowering: only the best-kept specimens are able to flower and bear fruit in the home.

Coffee plant: sale

If you are wondering where to buy the coffee plant, know that it is not so easy to find it at nurseries or garden centers, in this context it is easier to take advantage of theonline selling.

At “this Amazon page” for example, you can find several proposals even with a very affordable price.

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