Cimarron Uruguayo: breeding and price

Cimarron Uruguayo: breeding and price

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Cimarron Uruguayo, obviously from Uruguay, a very massive dog and very little known in our area, belongs to group number 2, that of Pinscher and Schnauzer, Molosser and Swiss Cattle Dogs and has a Molosser appearance. I said massive and I don't deny it, but I was referring to the physical structure and not to the general dimensions, because its size is medium.

It's a very muscular animal and with a compact body, its short hair highlights its developed musculature and its typical color Cimarron Uruguayo is the brindle. We can also see pale yellow (“Bayo”) with black face.

Cimarron Uruguayo: characteristics

The average size of this Cimarron Uruguayo foresees a height at the withers of about 58 - 61 cm for males, slightly less for females while the weight is maximum 45 for the former, maximum 40 for the latter. As mentioned the body of this dog is "tin" and from the photos you can guess it, his chest is deep and well developed, the chest is defined and the rump is a little sloped.

The tail is rather thick and of medium length, it tends to be carried upwards. Turning to the limbs, those of the Cimarron Uruguayo they are straight and parallel, muscular and strong, supported by a very solid bone structure. The feet have an oval shape and very compact toes, accompanying him in his typical free and powerful gait, fast and composed.

The muzzle of this dog is large and the head very large, proportionate to the rest of the body, then the truffles always black appear, striking the jaws as they are strong and powerful. The eyes of the Cimarron Uruguayo they are almond-shaped, of a shade tending to brown which varies with the color of the coat, the triangular ears, not large, fall slightly protruding.

Short, smooth and with undercoat, the cloak of the Cimarron it can have various colors according to the standard. For example it can appear brindle or all shades of fawn, the mask is accepted but may also not appear, le white spots they are only if on the lower part of the neck, chest, abdomen and lower legs.

Cimarron Uruguayo: character

Although the body may frighten us, we must not fear in front of this dog because his character is extremely balanced. It's a intelligent animal with great courage, he is very fond of his master and he uses courage and strength to protect him, not to attack.

Cimarron Uruguayo: farms

To date, no breeding of this breed has been reported in Italy, on the ENCI website, and it is actually not known and widespread in Italy as in the rest of the continent. This Perro Cimarron uruguayo, literally Uruguayan wild dog, was recently officially recognized by the F.C.I., in 2006, and its origins are still being investigated. There are those who say it is a descendant "wild" of the molossers who arrived in the Americas with the Spaniards, but there is no evidence.

Cimarron Uruguayo: price

The price of this breed is difficult to assess as it is practically absent from the European canine "market". But there are gods recurring defects which certainly lower its prices, for example white spots out of place, the aggressive character, a excess of dewlap or cheeks too prominent.

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