Black Cabbage: characteristics and recipes

Black Cabbage: characteristics and recipes

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Black Cabbage who knows how many times we have tasted it unaware of its properties and the benefits it brings us every time it ends up on the plate and in the stomach. This Brassicacea, as his family is called, intertwines its history with the Italian culinary tradition much more than is known, so better to continue to enjoy it but get informed, this is the time to know it because it is a reserve of beneficial resources perfect in view of 'winter.

Black Cabbage: plant

The scientific name of the Black Cabbage is "Brassica oleracea L. var. acephala sabellica"And is also called Tuscan Cabbage or black broccoli, belongs to the Cruciferae family - Brassicaceae. This plant differs from its sisters in that it does not produce a compact head, but develops long leaves. In the garden or at the market, it is therefore easier to recognize even for non-experts who want to cook it.

Black Cabbage: characteristics

As mentioned the Black Cabbage it is not the classic cabbage we have in mind and it is not even literally black but certainly dark, darker than others. It has an erect stem that can reach up to one meter in height and develops dark green, wrinkled and bullous leaves.

Its origins are very ancient and are to be sought in Tuscany, in the Tuscan land but also in the regional cuisine because the Black Cabbage at home if you want to prepare the real and famous "ribollita". For those fasting the art of cooking Black Cabbage, the part to use of this plant, the edible one, are leaves and after the first frosts they are tastier and more tender, this does not mean that we cannot eat them all year round anyway.

Black Cabbage: properties

As mentioned, this is a vegetable for the winter, rich as it is in minerals and vitamins, in particular C: the best natural vaccine against viruses and colds. However, it is not useless for the rest of the year, on the contrary, 12 months out of 12 is appreciated because it contains a strong dose of antioxidant substances against inflammation, it also improves digestion and would also seem to have important pantitumor revision. It is also often recommended for those suffering from gastric ulcer and ulcerative colitis.

With the Black Cabbage you can also do some applications, it is a practice that we inherit from ancient medicine and is used to cure sprains, blows, swelling and osteoarticular inflammation. Some leaves are taken, after pounding them on the affected part, and applied with a bandage and the addition of bran which, with its absorbent properties, accelerates healing

Black cabbage in the kitchen

Before seeing some recipes "Challenging", it must be said that it is also an excellent ingredient in a simple and healthy salad. It is noticeable, because it has a stronger flavor than other similar cabbages, and a single finely sliced ‚Äč‚Äčleaf, it pairs perfectly with other leaves like those of rocket and radicchio. With extreme simplicity, and with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice to season, here's a side dish purifying that is good for both the liver and kidneys.

Black Cabbage: recipes

Here are two kale-based recipes that will amaze anyone who thinks this vegetable is only good for pfor vegetarians and vegans, and there is something to mouth-watering. With tagliatelle with smoked bacon and black cabbage, for example, not at all difficult to prepare, as long as you don't make the noodles by hand.

In a pan, fry the chopped shallot together with cubes of smoked bacon making them crunchy and then add the black cabbage in large cut leaves. After adding salt and pepper, finish cooking and add this good sauce to the noodles which we have separately boiled in plenty of salted water and then drained, as usual. Anyone who wants can add some grated pecorino.

Prefer a second to Black Cabbage? Here are the meatballs: they must be prepared in a bowl in which to combine the mince, an egg, parsley, a little breadcrumbs and salt just the right amount. Obtained a homogeneous mixture, divide it into balls and fry them in olive oil. Separately we prepare the Cabbage in a pan with half an onion and a carrot, adjusting salt and pepper. Each of the diners will have 4 meatballs and a good dose of black cabbage as a side dish.

Black Cabbage seeds: where to buy them

For those who want to cook the Black Cabbage which is grown at home, at absolute zero km, the expense is minimal and the satisfaction is maximum. With 2 you can buy a pack of black cabbage seeds of Tuscany and get busy in your own garden.

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