Go to school by bike

Go to school by bike

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Go to school by bike: tips for going to school by bike independently and tips for mothers who want to accompany their children to school by bike.

September and October are the perfect months for go to school by bike, especially for those who live in southern Italy: the air is crisp and the coolness of the pedal is very pleasant! The ideal months for go to school by bike are: September, October, March, April and May. From November to February the frequent rains could discourage many moms and intending students pedal to school, however, even in the middle of winter, you can take advantage of the sunny days to leave the car in the garage and get off on two-wheeled pedals.

Going to school by bike, advantages

The bicycle has no operating costs, the only cost required is the physical effort for pedaling but, with training, we will be increasingly ready to tackle even the longest distances. Day after day, pedaling after pedaling, our muscles will strengthen and fatigue will be felt less and less. You have to be patient only in the first month ofrunning in. The benefits are many: it improves metabolism, improves blood circulation, economic savings and… the bicycle keeps us in shape!

The advantages are so many: think that you will not have to face the typical traffic jams of school complexes, nor have the problem of parking cars! You can wait for your child directly at school, without any kind of problem.

Going to school by bike, useful tips

The first important rule for those who wantgo to school by bike(but also for those who want to go to work by bicycle!) is the same that is the basis of good nutrition: do not neglect breakfast! Fill up with energy and don't limit yourself to just coffee. A balanced breakfast (better if diversified during the week) will provide you with the right energy to face the bike trip.

Those who attend high school and are lucky enough to have the school not too far from home, can decide to reach it by bicycle, pedal after pedal. In fact, it is possible to reach, by bicycle, even the most distant schools by taking the bike with you on the subway ... however this practice is only recommended for those who have afoldable bikebecause the traditional bike on the train takes up a lot of space and at peak times (with wagons full of commuters) it becomes difficult to manage. Who intends go to school by bike in full autonomy, you can follow the advice seen in the article How to go to work by bike.

How to transport children by bike

There are many cyclist mothers, howevertransporting children by biketo accompany them to school, you can choose:

  • High chair for bicycle
  • Cargo towing or child trailer
  • Two-seater bike
  • Electric bicycle

The trailer is the most cumbersome solution but also allows you to carry two children. It is very convenient because it can be useful for carrying shopping on a bicycle, something that cannot be transported with classic two-seater bikes.

The photo shows the Children's trailer which detaches from the bicycle and transforms into a shopping trolley or stroller. The cargo in the photo can carry children up to 7 - 8 years of age because it has a maximum load capacity of 35 kg. This is not the only towing solution for bicycles intended for the transport of children, other proposals are visible on the official Amazon page:Cargo trailer for children.

Thepedal assisted bicyclesthey are very comfortable for less trained mothers, however they have higher purchase costs: if you intend to carry a child on the pedal assisted bike, you must focus on a model with a very "performing" battery so as to be able to support the load of an extra passenger .

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