Crystal therapy: what it is and how it works

Crystal therapy: what it is and how it works

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Crystal therapy, a practicing therapist to date without any scientific evidence that confirms its effectiveness but who has charm and it is good to know her to form an opinion. Curious that I am, I find it very interesting to know the powers that have been attributed to stones for centuries, the stories that they, mute, hide, the effects that those who wear them around their necks or place them in their own bedrooms attribute to them.

Like any topic discussed, I invite you to deepen in order to create a personal opinion, without restoring crystallized on prejudices, even more so when it comes to Crystal therapy.

Crystal therapy: what it is

Also called Lithomedicine there Crystal therapy it is a practice based on the use of crystals and precious stones and aims to cure the imbalances of the person's energy field. Like? By placing the stones according to criteria established by those who are experts in crystal therapy, in specific points of the human body, so that they can emanate purifying energies and that the body to be "treated" can feel them and benefit from them.

It is not an invention of our century, the Crystal therapy has ancient Indian origins and was born with the aim of harmonizing and maintaining physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Crystal therapy: the most used stones

Let's see which are the most used and the best known stones, hearing the names we will realize that even if we are not fasting notions of Crystal therapy, we have already heard of it. For example theAgate, wonderful in jewelry, it is said to tone and strengthen the body and mind, instilling courage and transforming anyone into a person of great determination.

From a physical point of view, it would be a stimulant of the lymphatic circulation. The rose quartz is instead the stone that in Crystal therapy it is recommended for those who are going through a separation because it helps to accept difficult changes. It looks like a sad stone but it is not, on the contrary, it is adored by artists and it inspires beauty, brings fertility and eternal youth.

The Amethyst is worn by those who need to keep their feet on the ground and become aware of reality, it helps to meditate and make important decisions. The tiger's eye in Crystal therapy protects eyes and souls from evil spirits, in India for centuries it is the stone that every mother gives to her child to help him face the risks of growth. Another stone widely used in Crystal therapy they are lapis lazuli, perfect for those who are a bit of a neat freak and at the same time suffer from excessive sensitivity.

On this page you can find more info on the properties of the stones.

Crystal therapy and chakras

There Crystal therapy and its supposed powers are often associated with states of the spirit and chakras. Let's see how. The first Chakra, Muladhara or "Base", is red and concerns the rectal, bladder, anal and colon areas, the Earth as a reference element and associated with it as crystalsobsidian, the black onyx, the Smoked quartz, Ruby, Black Tourmaline, Garnet and Hematite.

The second is called Visuddha or "Sacred", is associated with orange and concerns the area below the umbilical and the reproductive organs, has water as a reference and excellent crystals including Amber and Carnelian. We come to chakra three, Manipura or "Solar Plexus", yellow chakra it is associated with the digestive organs, the liver, followed by the stomach, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas and small intestine. Fire is its element and its stones are Citrine, Topaz, Tiger's Eye and Sulfur.

Moving on to the fourth chakra (Anahata or "Heart"), green or pink in color, concerning the heart, lungs and rib cage, as stones we find according to Crystal therapy green agate, aventurine, pink coral, jade, malachite, opal, rose quartz, emerald, green and pink tourmaline. The fifth chakra is known as Visuddha or "Throat" and is blue, it affects the respiratory functions and the voice, loves crystals such as amazonite, aquamarine, chalcedony, fluorite, moonstone, pearl, blue topaz and turquoise.

The penultimate chakra is the front one, Ajina, violet and located in the Third eye, has as an element the light as crystals, amethyst and rock crystal, passing to the last, Sahasrara or "Corona", as a reference color we find purple or white and the head as the physical seat. There Crystal therapy associates amethyst, diamond and crystal.

Crystal therapy and zodiac signs

Once the stones are associated with the chakra, it is child's play to also find its zodiac signs, specifying that those who love a certain stone, or find it suitable for their health or style needs, may very well disobey these "rules" of Crystal therapy.

At the first chakra we find the zodiac signs Scorpio, Aries, Capricorn, among others also Cancer, third Leo and Capricorn, fourth Cancer, Taurus and Libra, fifth and sixth respectively Virgo, Gemini, Aquarius and Sagittarius, Pisces.

For those who do not find themselves, there is the seventh chakra that embraces all the zodiac signs, its stones become the "jokers" of Crystal therapy. From personal experience it happens to take a look at signs, sites or small books on crystals and zodiac signs and often the associations change, so I find it important that each find his stone, the one he believes will do him good or that it fits him well. Sometimes, you just need to be convinced.

Crystal therapy: curiosity about crystals

Among the thousand and more curiosities that pop up, on the Crystal therapy, I would like to introduce some news, two blue colors and it is perfect to accompany us in meditation. If kept indoors, it should be placed in the north, where we work or spend a lot of time because increases harmony and creativity. and progress in professional development. L'Agate of Botswana it has a very different color and more than making us creative, it helps us to recover balance, soothes and can have a protective effect.

Crystal therapy: books

Just take a look at the shelves of bookstores and libraries, in the sector dedicated to Crystal therapy, to take note of the many existing publications on the subject. From the series to the funny ones, from the very technical ones to the others full of images and with little text.

Many are in Italian but there are still some not translated. For those who want to learn more about the subject of crystal therapy, I recommend the website with information and advice on this. And so many reviewed books to choose from what will do us good. A bit' as with stones.

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