Low pressure shower jet: here is the solution

Low pressure shower jet: here is the solution

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The low pressure shower jet it is an inconvenience that does not allow us to fully enjoy the fantastic relaxation that a shower can give us. Unfortunately, the situations in which this problem can occur are quite numerous and sometimes not easy to solve. In this article I will present two products that in my case have completely solved the problem!

Low pressure shower jet: possible causes

One of most frequent causes which lead to a weak jet of water, especially in Milan, the city where I live is there presence of limestone. Limescale accumulates in the shower holes, blocking them and reducing the power of the water jets.

There frequent cleaning of the small holes in the shower it can mitigate the problem (in this case I recommend using white vinegar or a specific product!) but in the long run it does not solve it, also because it is sometimes easy to forget cleaning for too long a period of time.

To check if the water in your home contains too much limestone, you can use simple ones litmus papers although often the visual inspection of the tap filters in which you will notice "small pebbles" is already sufficient to ascertain the problem.

A second possible cause of a weak shower jet is the fact of living on a high floor and to have insufficient water pressure in the condominium.

In my case I had both of these two problems, living on the sixth floor of an apartment building in the north east of Milan.

Another possible cause is due to a more serious problem: the damage with relative water loss of your pipes or condominium pipes. In this case, the problem is solved only with the intervention of a plumber and a bricklayer if it is also necessary to intervene on floors or walls.

Low pressure shower jet: the solution

The solution I found to solve the problem in my case resulted in a double intervention.

The "decisive" intervention was to purchase a product for sale on on this page. It's about a shower that you can apply in a few seconds on your normal flexible hose characterized by a handle in which there are several hundred small spheres capable of multiplying the water pressure.

I do not hide that, reading the description of the product on Amazon, written "in an approximate Italian", some doubts came to me before buying it but then also given the very low price (15.87 Euros at this time) and the positive reviews of some users who seemed authentic to me told myself it was worth a try.

In the product sheet you will find "praised" additional benefits ensured by the product: "purifies the water“, “rejuvenates the skin“, “bioactive stones that help restore the balance of the sebaceous glands"... honestly, these virtues" know me a little about teleshopping "and leave me rather skeptical. I was only interested solve the problem of the weak jet of my shower! :-)

After 4 days from the order, I received the product and immediately mounted it. In addition to spheres visible through the transparent handle, I immediately noticed the fineness of the holes present in the shower nut.

The spheres present in the handle of the new shower

The ring nut of the new shower with the tiny holes

Then after one of my runs at Parco Lambro I tried this "magical high pressure shower" and ... I was truly "incredulous"! The jet of water was back vigorous and perfectly enjoyable!

In addition, something I had not noticed before, I noticed that on one side of the ring there was a selector that allows you to choose between 3 different types of jets, of different width and power. My preference goes to the broader one.

Before closing this article, I would also like to point out a second product that he had slightly improved the water pressure in my shower, without however having resolutive effects.

It is a flexible PVC hose which on the outside is smooth instead of with the "ring" structure of common shower hoses. Also in this case the goal is to avoid the accumulation of limescale and the consequent decrease in pressure. As I wrote to you, the situation had improved but the intervention was not conclusive.

Considering the price of a few Euros and the fact that aesthetically in my opinion it is much more pleasant than the old flexible one, you can consider whether to make this purchase too.

You can find the PVC pipe in a household store, in specialized megastores such as Bricocenter or always on Amazon at this page (currently at a price of 10.13 euros).

The PVC shower hose available on Amazon

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