Chromotherapy, benefits for the body

Chromotherapy, benefits for the body

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Chromotherapy, benefits for the bodyand on the psychic sphere. History and origins of chromotherapy. The effects of colors on the body and the advantages of chromotherapy, color by color.

Therechromotherapyit is an alternative practice that makes use of colors for the treatment of physiological dysfunctions. According tochromotherapy, the colors would be able to condition the body and the psyche so much that they can be used to calm certain symptoms.

Chromotherapy, the origins

The debates are very heated that question the effectiveness of thechromotherapy: for the scientific community there is no definite evidence, nor controlled clinical studies, yet thechromotherapyit is an ancient practice! The first applications of thechromotherapydate back to Ancient Egypt, the Egyptians, in fact, associate the discovery of the god Thot withchromotherapy.

In Greece, stones, crystals and colored ointments were used to cure certain ailments and the walls of the health centers were painted to assist, with the colors, the healing effect of the medicinal remedies used. Even the ancient art of Chinese medicine has relied on the healing power of colors for centuries. In ancient China, the windows of the patients' rooms were covered with sheets of a color appropriate to the disease to be treated, the light filtering through the window illuminated the entire room with the desired color; the clothing worn by the patient also had to be of the same color.

In 1878, the American Edwin Babitt published his book"The principle of Light and Color"which laid the first foundations ofchromotherapymodern.

Today, thechromotherapyis counted among the healing practices ofAyurveda. Ayurvedic medicine states that colors are able to influence the balance of the chakras, that is, the energy centers associated with the main body glands.

Chromotherapy with the use of light is called "spectrochromotherapy "and was born more recently, in 1920.

Chromotherapy, benefits for the body

Autumn is approaching and there are not a few people suffering fromSAD,seasonal affective disorder. During the change of seasons, these people tend to suffer from chronic fatigue, exhaustion, lack of energy, apathy and other psychosomatic symptoms; in these circumstances thechromotherapyit could be indicated to rebalance the body's energy levels, especially if combined with a Turkish bath or sauna. In this paragraph we will see the beneficial effects of chromotherapy on the body and mind:

  • The pink color is used to soothe circulatory disorders affecting veins and arteries. It can be helpful in soothing restless legs syndrome.
  • The red color, in chromotherapy, is useful for counteracting arterial hypotension, increasing metabolism and improving breathing. Red is used to stimulate the functions of the central nervous system.
  • Orange is useful for those who want to lose body weight because it would help eliminate fat mass. It is used to support traditional treatments for asthma and bronchitis.
  • Yellow is the brightest color. In chromotherapy it is used to treat skin disorders, strengthen the nervous system and for the health of the body's glands, kidneys and lymphatics.
  • Green is a color associated with tranquility, peace and harmony. It is used to relieve anxiety disorders and emotional discomforts.
  • The lively green is associated with antiseptic, stimulating and regenerative properties, but we remind you (once again) thatchromotherapyfound no scientific evidence, so there is no clinical evidence but only theoretical basis.
  • Dark blue is a color used to reduce muscle tension and dissolve stiffness in the joints.
  • Blue is used to instill calm and serenity. It is a color used to relieve headaches, migraines, nervous tension and stress. According to chromotherapy, hisbenefits on the bodythey could be useful for fighting colds, stomach pain and muscle cramps.
  • Indigo is a useful color for relieving eye fatigue, ear and nose disorders. Inchromotherapy, with indigo, a sedative effect is recognized.
  • Purple is used to relax muscles especially in meditation. It is useful for those who practice yoga. As for thebeneficial effects on the body, in chromotherapy, violet is associated with the ability to strengthen the lymphatic system and counteract urinary disorders.

Therechromotherapyit is a very ancient practice, used all over the world for centuries; still today it remains one of the most popular therapiesCAM, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, alternative complementary medicine practices. Despite the popularity of this natural remedy, we advise you to always consult your doctor for the treatment of any psychophysical disorder.

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