European Week of Sustainable Mobility

European Week of Sustainable Mobility

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European Week of Sustainable Mobility, This important opportunity promoted by the European Commission is upon us to remind us to "move" and adopt greener habits even when we move from one city to another or within the same urban core, or even neighborhood.

From 16 September until 22 there European Week of Sustainable Mobility every year proposes numerous appointments and reflections on this important issue, the edition that is about to begin calls us to address "Smart and sustainable mobility - an investment for Europe". As individuals, as part of a community, as people who can set a good example, to the little ones but also to the elderly: it is never too late to pay attention to the close links between economy and transport.

European Week of Sustainable Mobility: objective

Since it was decided to establish the European Week of Sustainable Mobility the goal is always the same and we have a long way to go, even if we have not stood still, as Italians and as Europeans. These days we want to promote the use of alternative means of transport to private cars, especially for daily trips that can very well be carried out on foot, by bicycle or by public transport.

This change of habits must not appear as if it has come down from above: the European Week of Sustainable Mobility wants to become a moment to highlight how smart planning and the use of public transport can be a source of economic saving. For the public and the private sector, including the local economy.

In this framework of good intentions, the Ministry of the Environment it adheres and acts as a coordinator at national level, as well as supporting the various initiatives that municipalities and associations implement to actively involve citizens. Because they feel the European Week of Sustainable Mobility as an important opportunity to improve one's quality of life. This year's theme isMix and Move! and who has ears to hear intends-

European Week of Sustainable Mobility: when it takes place

As anticipated, it is around the corner there European Week of Sustainable Mobility: starts on September 16th and lasts until 22nd, every year it is repeated on these dates when it is not yet so cold to have a good excuse to refuse to get on the bike or take a healthy and green walk.

In this 7-day autumn it is essential that local administrations take action for improve the transport system aware that this will have excellent consequences in terms of economic growth.

To each European Week of Sustainable Mobility it is hoped that public resources will be invested more in public transport services so that they become more shared and more eco-sustainable.

Year after year, if that happens, we will have more liveable and safer cities, with healthy and fit citizens. There are also numerous studies that confirm that sustainable transport is good not only for the health of residents but also for the health of the economy and the balance sheets of companies operating in the area.

European Week of Sustainable Mobility… by bicycle

The bicycle is undoubtedly one of the most popular means of transport European Week of Sustainable Mobility and it is therefore not surprising that the "European Week of Sustainable Mobility… by bicycle”.

From 2005 to today, who for passion who for green mission, there are numerous public and private subjects who have joined forces pedaling towards this excellent goal. Bicycles are much more used in the city, if I look at a city like Milan, the urban fabric and the habits of those who live there are not recognizable compared to a decade ago. Looking north, however, always remaining in Europe, we have a lot to ride.

What should be shown during the European Week of Sustainable Mobility is that cycling is not only beautiful and fun, but also that it improves traffic and the quality of life, the quality of the air and the image of the country in the eyes of those across the Alps. Every year for the European Week of Sustainable Mobility An increasing number of events are organized by bicycle, last year there were already over 260, this time we double?

European Week of Sustainable Mobility: the role of FIAB

In the front row, the FIAB promotes and organizes initiatives for the European Week of Sustainable Mobility: he does it all year round, let alone if he pulls back on this occasion !!! Throughout the boot there are appointments, trips, meetings, banquets: it is impossible to list them all!

It is also possible to enter an event to report and promote it, always by accessing the same site and registering as an active part of the "European Week of Sustainable Mobility… by bicycle". For the most social of the greens there is also the official Facebook page with all the most interesting news and initiatives and not only from 16 to 22 but immediately to 30 September for a European Week of Sustainable Mobility that you would like to never end!

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