Dunker or Norwegian Hound

Dunker or Norwegian Hound

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Dunker, from Norway, a medium-sized hound little known flowers from his country of origin but with a good character and an athletic and agreeable appearance. It is a dog belonging to the group of hounds and blood trail dogs, it sports a strong build but not too much, certainly not so much as to be defined as heavy. Its structure is rectangular, not as a "sprinter" but, rather, as a marathon runner, even in character, it is a little bit so.

Norwegian Dunker dog

Also note as Norwegian Hound, this breed takes its name from its creator, Wilhelm Dunker. This gentleman, in the distant nineteenth century, crossed a male dog he had at home, with various females who lived in his area in order to obtain a type of dog that would satisfy him.

What he was aiming for was a dog that, just like the Dunker, had excellent hunting qualities. He succeeded in his intent and thanks to his hard work, we have a good one hunting dog, also nice on other occasions.

Dunker: character

Affectionate and friendly, as anticipated, the character of this one Norwegian dog it is not one of those suitable only for being in nature to hunt. Rather! It is not a suitable dog to stay indoors, because it would suffer a lot, this does not mean that it has a wild disposition, so if we have the opportunity to offer it a house with a garden, it is a excellent companion animal who knows how to stay in the family without necessarily hunting.

Hunting remains his specialty because he can demonstrate his own exceptional capabilities and gifts like impeccable flair and enviable tenacity. The Dunker he is a working dog but if we are his friends, he treats us well. He shows himself affectionate, sweet and faithful.

Dunker: characteristics

An adult male specimen can measure about 50 cm at the withers, females a little less, in any case the build is never thin. L'bone is strong, also in the limbs, and the whole is square and compact, covered by a rather developed musculature. The tail, carried gently arched, but not curled, must reach at least up to the hock, the feet are round and not too large, with resistant pads from dog used to being outdoors and feeling good there.

The head of the Dunker is well forged, long but not deformed, the skull is slightly convex with a moderately marked stop and cheeks not protruding, the nose is beautiful straight and ends with the black truffle, with wide nostrils. Unquestionably dark, the eyes of this beautiful Norwegian hunting dog are large, clear, alert, never bulging: they convey calm and wisdom.

Only when the cloak is blue-marble can we find dyschromic eyes allowed by the standard, otherwise they are not accepted. As for the ears, so soft to the touch, they are rounded at the tip and run flat along the head.

The cloak of the Dunker it is not very soft as imaginable for a dog that was born to be outdoors and not to frequent living rooms: it is dense, often thicker straight on the tail and in the back of the body. There may be specimens with black or blue-marble fur, called harlequin, enriched with fawn-colored and white spots. Dogs with hazel colored coats are not accepted, let alone those with a noticeable one predominance of white with blue-marble or brown-red spots

Dunker: farms

Not widespread in Italy, as in most of our continent, Norway apart, this breed is not bred in our peninsula, at least not in ENCI recognized kennels. If we are interested in looking for a specimen, at the moment we must either rely on fate by placing an ad, which I do not recommend, or go and get it in his native country.

But first let's verify that we have the characteristics to be gods good hosts for such a breed for hunters, rustic and accustomed to the climate and nature of the Scandinavian peninsula, not Italian. Otherwise, a jump in the kennel, and we will have many puppies for us, paying homage to the Dunker with a beautiful dedicated pin, on sale on Amazon for a few euros. And, if we really want, a holiday in Norway to see him in his environment.

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