Field Spaniel: breeding and prices

Field Spaniel: breeding and prices

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Field Spaniel, from Great Britain a Spaniel that is not among the favorites of English hunters, overshadowed by the Cocker for aesthetic reasons, but which we want to revive for its beautiful character and particularly soft coat. This breed belongs to the group of gods Retrievers, hunting dogs, water dogs, it is of medium - small size with a robust and well proportioned body, a noble and proud bearing. Its greatest pride is certainly the coat: shiny, flat or slightly wavy, never curly. The colors are varied, from liver to mahogany red.

Field Spaniel: characteristics

At the withers a male specimen of Field Spaniel it can measure about 45 cm, as a weight the range provided by the standard is that between 18 and 25 Kg. Considered to be of medium size, but small, this Spaniel so little widespread has a compact and robust body, with a deep and well developed chest, the straight and muscular limbs and round feet, not too small. He moves with long, regular strides by moving the well feathered tail.

The head of the Field Spaniel is well chiseled, with a moderate stop and the long dry muzzle up to the nose, dark and with well opened nostrils. The ears are not too big: set low and well fringed they remain adherent to the skull, while the eyes appear wide open, almond-shaped, always dark hazelnut color.

The hair we have already mentioned is one of the characteristics I love most in this English breed: is long and smooth, very thick and shiny. A appears on the chest abundant fringing as well as under the trunk and behind the legs while from the hock to the ground the length of the coat is reduced.

As for the colors, light black and white and white and liver are not accepted while they are allowed black, liver brown and roan, also with brown or reddish spots.

Field Spaniel: character

It is not a very suitable dog for city life and not even in an apartment, wherever we are, it was born and remains even today a hunting dog. In this role it's great: tough and courageous, dedicated to work and tenacious. The character of this Spaniel combines well with the habits of those who live in the countryside and can grant him very green, if put in these conditions, then he pulls out a very docile and sensitive nature although always very independent.

Field Spaniel: breeding

The Field Spaniel it is a breed little known in western European countries and in Italy there is currently no farm that deals with it, as reported by the official website of ENCI. It is not recent, however, because the first dedicated club was born in 1923 but it was imported to the United States, for example, only in 1984.

Initially there was a large breed that included two categories according to weight, the threshold was 25 pounds, our Field Spaniel was known as a Ground Spaniel and was thus registered by the Kennel Club. The lighter part of the breed then became what we know today as Cocker who prevailed over all his other cousins ​​who remained in the background.

Among these, our Field, whose origins are to be found in those crosses that occurred at the beginning of the century between ancients Spaniel from the ground originating from Devon and Wales: it was widespread until the end of the nineteenth century, after the selection privileged the aesthetics of the Cocker.

Field Spaniel: prices

The price of a copy of Field Spaniel it is unlikely to be less than 800 euros but it is better to inquire at the farms that, most likely, are to be sought abroad, in England. Regarding the more recurring defects of this breed, here are some: curly hair, short hair, bristly hair, non-standard sizes, colors not allowed, clear eye, aggression, short neck, incorrect gait.

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