How to sanitize the mattress

How to sanitize the mattress

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How to sanitize the mattress: a useful guide that will explain how to clean the mattresses at home to recover an impeccable state of hygiene.

On this page we will see in detailhow to sanitize the mattresseliminating mites, germs and bacteria. If you want to know methods to remove particular stains from the mattress such as blood, mold, pee or vomit stains from your baby, I refer you to the guide "how to clean the mattress ".

How to sanitize the mattress

THEnatural remediesare the most suitable for sanitizing mattresses, in particular we recommend physical techniques that involve the use of powerful vacuum cleaners, high-pressure steam dispensers or germicidal lamps.

Chemical detergents are not recommended because they could leave important residues and allergenic substances.

Clean the mattresses thoroughlyit is important: amattressit can contain up to 2 million dust mites, germs and bacteria.

There are some devices on the market specifically designed forcleaningand themattress hygiene and all the upholstered accessories (cushions, sofas, armchairs with padding…). These devices work thanks to a strong suction power, generally with cyclonic technology that offers good efficiency. The devices with cyclonic aspiration are able to remove the dust from the textile fibers offering a deep and complete cleaning. The most efficient models are able to remove particles up to 0.3 microns in diameter, therefore also dead epithelial cells, residues of mites, mite eggs ...

Steam cleaners can be very helpful when it comes tosanitize the mattressand equally effective would seem the lamps with germicidal action. These lamps use UV-C light, capable of breaking down up to 99.9 percent of bacteria, allergens and dust mites.

Those who do not want to incur expenses for the purchase of devices targeted for thecleaning the mattresses, can take advantage of the traditional trailed vacuum cleaners: among the accessory kits there are brushes or nozzles that facilitate thecleaningof the mattress. These kits were created to access the most difficult areas of the bed, such as the frame or the surface of the mattress itself.

Equipment on the market for cleaning mattresses

Among the various products on the market, we point out Hoover's Ultra Vortex, a compact machine in size and price: on Amazon you can buy it at the promotional price of 106 euros, compared to around 150 euros offered by large household appliances distributors.

The Ultra Vortex has an electric motor of only 500 watts and, with its rotating brush, reaches a speed of 4,200 rpm. With its suction power it can remove allergens and mites. It integrates a UV-C germicidal lamp that eliminates mites and prevents their formation.

Those who want a deeper cleansing can aim for the most powerful tool Dyson V6 Mattress; it can be bought on Amazon at a price of 249.99 euros but in appliance stores it can reach and exceed 350 euros. This device is very compact, does not take up space and has a high centrifugal power thanks to which it is able to suck in allergens and other particles even in the deeper layers of themattress padding.

Dirt, dust, mites, allergens, mite eggs, bacteria, dead cells and all particles up to a diameter of 0.3 microns are sucked in and captured in the filter placed close to the engine. This device works at a speed of 100,000 revolutions per minute, it is thanks to its power that it is able to penetrate deeply into the fibers of the mattress. It is the most recommended product forsanitize the mattressand retains many positive opinions from users who have already had the opportunity to test it firsthand.

As stated, those who do not want to make ad hoc investments can choose the mattress cleaning kits to combine with their professional vacuum cleaner. The same Kobold offers an accessoryLava Mattressand other houses offer optional accessories for beating mattresses or for cleaning the upholstery.

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