Green bedbug: natural remedies

Green bedbug: natural remedies

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Green bug, if you know her you avoid her and if she doesn't avoid us, and our plants, here are the best natural remedies known to date to prevent this insect from doing too much damage. So let's arm with green thumb, and of green soul, and before taking up a chemical insecticide we see the less harmful alternatives to the environment.

First we present the enemy: the Green bedbug that bothers us so much, especially in autumn, is there Palomena prasina which is not that of "the beds", or theheteropterous insect widespread throughout our continent, belonging to the Pentatomidae family. Before knowing the natural remedies against Green bug, stop, do not crush it, read and follow the instructions by choosing the method that convinces you the most.

Green bug: how to fight it

There are numerous simple methods we can try to fight this insect, simple and inexpensive. Sometimes it doesn't take much, it is better to try before engaging in a 360-degree fight. The mosquito nets, for example, they can keep away from rooms Green bedbug and all insects, especially in the warmer months.

Another trick is to repair our plants with del non-woven fabric creating barriers, it is found in any well-stocked garden shop. There are those who are not picky and also give themselves to the manual collection of these insects: it is theoretically the first method to prevent Green bedbug I haunt the house and the balcony, and the vegetable garden, but it's not my favorite!

Moreover, these annoying little animals camouflage themselves very easily among the leaves, so it is a completely trivial and fast operation. If we are fighting the Green bedbug in the garden, we can ask for help from its predators by luring them with birdhouses: I refer for example to tit or redstart, greedy for these insects.

Green bug: biological fight

Among the natural remedies recommended by'biological agriculture c'Is garlic which, in addition to hunting witches, also drives away the green bug revealing itself to be one of the most effective natural pesticides. Just plant a garlic bulb in the pots of plants most often attacked and let the enemy go away, disgusted.

You can also devote yourself to preparing a real one garlic decoction to be sprayed every now and then at the base of the plants, preferably in the evening. Onion decoction can also work like that of wormwood wormwood, also effective for other insects.

Other useful natural remedies suggested by experts from biological agriculture, they are the nettle macerate and the tansy decoction, and then there is an even simpler one: soap and water. This banal mixture can replace the worst pesticides, let's try to spray it using soap Liquid Marseille. Despite being accepted by organic farming, it is quite powerful and should be kept as the last extreme tool for hunting Green bedbug: I'm talking about the pyrethrum, let's use it with caution.

Green bedbug: what it eats

You may wonder what interests us to know what this enemy eats. We need to understand what attracts her, where to wait for her at the gate and when. More than having favorite plants, the Green bedbug is drawn to monocultures which should therefore be avoided by indulging in the variety.For example, we can alternate the vegetables we want to have and enjoy, with other plants such as corn and basil to be "sacrificed" because they attract these insects that thus leave the others alone.

Green bug: usefulness

They don't have a specific purpose to exist, but it is the question itself that has no reason to be asked. Or rather, each animal, including man, must be understood as part of the planet and in this context, interacting with other useless beings, we all turn out to be useful. In short, the answer is "Biodiversity”.

It applies to the Green bedbug as with any other insect, animal and plant. And biodiversity must be protected if we don't want to pay a large bill in a few years or leave it to our great-grandchildren. It must be protected even if it sometimes smells like the Green bedbug.

Green bug: why it stinks

Often hidden among shrubs, but also among herbs and seedlings, the Green bedbug has an unmistakable smell and unbearable. This is because, in dangerous situations or if disturbed, it emits substances that stink. They come out of some small metathoracic glands, in small quantities but that makes itself felt.

The smell that reaches us is truly nauseating, it is often thought that it is released only when we press it Green bedbug killing her: in reality, even when she is alive, if she is afraid, "he does it underneath ”, and he stinks.

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