How to coat a glass jar

How to coat a glass jar

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How to coat a glass jar: instructions for lining glass jars with ribbons, decorations, lace, papers or needle and thread! A creative recycling job to recover the glass jars and use them for new uses.

In this tutorial we will explainhow to coat a glass jarso as to use it to make jams and marmalades to give as gifts or to keep in plain sight.

Not just thejar, to obtain a better result it will be necessarycoatalso the metal lid. On this page we will seehow to coat glass jarswith fabric, ribbons and a personalized label attached with string. For more ideas forlining tin or glass jars, we invite you to visit our guide entitledHow to coat jars tin where we offer the following types of coating:

  • Gift cards
  • Cloth
  • Coarse twine
  • Crayons and colored pencils
  • Shells
  • Stones
  • Wooden sticks ...

How to line a glass jar, everything you need

Forcoat glass jarsyou will need the following materials:

  • Fabrics
    you can use old kitchen tablecloths
  • Glass jars
    use glass jars of any size
  • Ribbons
    recover the ribbons of the favors
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
    use cotton of a color compatible with that of the tablecloth used
  • Lace
    you can use a specially made lace or made from an old doily
  • Various decorations
    fabric hearts, geometric figures, a pin, various applications ...
  • Rigid cardboard
    you can use the cardboard of the shoe box or any household appliance.
  • Cloth elastic (optional)
    you can use the spring of an old slip

Make a pincushion jar

If your intent is toline a jarto turn into a pin and needle holder, you will need more fabric and hot glue. With the excess of fabric you will have to make a padding, alternatively you can use foam rubber, sponge or textile padding. You will need the padding to cover the top of the lid and you can fix it using a hot glue gun. Also in this case you can apply a lace and add various decorations.

Create a cap from jars or tin cans

If you want to line a tin or glass jar, without a cap, you can use rigid paper to line with the fabric. If you don't have hard cardboard, you can use cardboard from shoe boxes or a box from any household appliance.

First, create the jar lid pattern. Like? Just trace the circumference of the jar on a rigid cardboard and cut out along the traced edges. Cover the circumference obtained with fabric and lace following the instructions of our guide starting from the paragraph dedicated to fabric applique.

Coat glass jars, as it is done

  • Make the pattern
    Place the metal cover on your fabric and, with a pencil, trace the circumference so that you can leave a mark that will guide you to obtain the exact diameter of your cutout. If you have acompassguybalastrone, use it to get a precise circle that must be at least one centimeter greater than the circumference drawn.
    Cut the second circle drawn by obtaining a cloth disk that must have a circumference greater than that of the lid to becoat.
  • Shape the lid
    Trace the shape of the lid on cardboard and cut it out.
  • Fabric appliqué
    Using the same fabric or fabrics of different weft, draw some decorations that you will go to to applyon the previously cut cloth disc.
    Cut the appliqués from the fabrics and sew them over the circle of fabric you cut in the previous step.
  • Lace
    Sew the lace around the circumference of the fabric.
  • Cover the card
    Apply the cardboard template to the fabric and sew along the circumference. At this stage, if you want an effectcurly, sew a slightly stretched elastic along the edges.

You can decorate with buttons, sewing pin, patches and other elements of your choice.

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