How to protect yourself from UV rays in a natural way

How to protect yourself from UV rays in a natural way

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How to protect yourself from uv rays: tips to protect yourself from the sun in a natural way. Protect children's hair, skin and protection in case of skin problems (vitiligo, sun spots…).

To prevent the very painful sunburn, here are a number of tips forprotect yourself from uv rays.

How to protect children from the sun

Children, more than adults, need adequate sun protection. Children's skin is very delicate, especially before the age of 4, when the natural defense system of the tissues is not yet complete. To protect children from the sun, it is essential to use protections with Spf 50, resistant to water and sweat. These protections are effective for protect children from uv raysbecause they are made up of tiny mineral particles that reflect the sun's rays, preventing them from reaching the baby's skin.

The specific Spf 50 protections are able to reject both the Grape rays both i UVB rays. It is important to choose a screen for children because the products formulated for children arephysical screensfor this with a pasty consistency and are also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Adults can use the children's sunscreens but, on the contrary, children must avoid adult sunscreens (even if they are of the Spf 50 type). Unfortunately, sunscreens for adults are made with chemical filters (and not physical filters like those of children) so they can damage the epidermis of children and irritate the most sensitive skin.

For children, choose natural protections with mineral oils and pigments that create a physical shield. Among the products on the market, specific for children, we point out theAustralian Gold 50 Spf.

How to protect yourself from UV rays in a natural way

Forprotect yourself from uv raysyou can follow all our advice seen in the guide article "How to protect yourself from the sun". Not only the body, the head must also be protected from UV rays, especially those who are bald or shaved. Those who are bald or shaved must protect the scalp from solar radiation which is completely exposed and, by its nature, unprotected. Those without hair can expose the head to the risk of actinic keratosis, a disease that manifests itself with scaly-looking skin and which forms an initial cancerous lesion. In this context it is necessary to apply specific formulations in gel or cream. Even more ideal is the use of a hat.

How to protect hair from uv rays

A headdress is the ideal solution to protect hair from UV rays. Solar radiation damages the keratin of the hair making it brittle and dehydrated. Specific hair protectors are sprays that contain sunscreens and moisturizing agents but rather than buying such a chemical filter, we advise you toprotect hair from the sun in a natural waywith products such as:

  • Argan oil
  • coconut oil
  • avocado oil
  • almond oil

The oils described above protect the protein fibers of the hair by moisturizing them right to the tip. Those with oily hair can avoid any spray or hair protection: the sun is an ally of oily hair and will help you fight dandruff in a natural way. For other tips, please refer to the page: how to protect your eyes from the sun, a useful guide especially for those with light eyes.

How to protect the skin from uv rays

In case of face spots and sun spots, you should only expose yourself to the sun with 50+ protective cream, effective againstUV rays(both uvb and grape). This protection must not only be applied to the sea in summer, even in autumn, spring and winter in the case of beach holidays. Even in the case of cuperosa, vitiligo and mycosis, special attention must be paid to sun exposure.

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