Brindle Great Dane: puppies and photos

Brindle Great Dane: puppies and photos

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L'Brindle Great Dane, often said and without obvious reason "Great Danish”, Is a dog originally from Germany and most likely Denmark would not know how to indicate it on a geographical map. Not that he's a stupid dog, indeed, he is smart and wise but above all great.

This breed belongs to the group of Pinscher, Schnauzer, Molosser and Swiss Cattle Dogs and is well known, overexposed to the media and widespread. To adopt a Brindle Great Dane sure, it takes space, but it is a quiet and reliable animal, it does not cause trouble on purpose and also for this reason it is considered by everyone "Molosser par excellence".

Brindle Great Dane dog

The cloak of this Great Danish it can also be brindle, but not only. There are many specimens that sport it in one color, fawn or black, for example, or with black and white spots, in this last case we can talk about Harlequin.

Beyond the color of the hair, theBrindle Great Dane it has a squared body, the trunk can even be inscribed in a square since the height at the withers is approximately equal to the length of the trunk, the limbs develop strong and muscular, always upright but the muscles cover the whole body, in full continuity, from head to tail, tail that must reach the height of the rear hocks.

A dog as big as theBrindle Great Dane it can only have a big head, to be balanced and harmonious as a whole, and in fact the skull is large, in proportion to the neck and torso. Elongated, the muzzle ends with a wide and voluminous nose, always dark, and shows abundant lips and very expressive eyes. The ears are rather long without disturbing, set high and covered with short hair.

Brindle Great Dane: character

The good giant: we could define this big dog like this, but let's not get it wrong. He is not big and dumb, he is a dog with a character that one cannot help but love. Excellent for guarding, against malicious people,Brindle Great Dane can be sweet and kind to those in the family, never aggressive and not even intrusive, as far as his physique allows him.

He knows how to behave with children, but is objectively not suitable for living with very young children because of its size which, accidentally, could constitute a danger.

Loyal and faithful, wise and affectionate, the Alano loves being outdoors very much and it is better that it has some green available. He doesn't want to run or do who knows what movement but long walks with a calm rhythm to stretch his long limbs, yes. In our company, by our side, almost never pulling on the leash.

Brindle Great Dane: puppies

The puppies of Brindle Great Dane they are often larger than senior specimens of other breeds, but it is immediately evident from their curious and bold air that they are animals in their first life experience. All the puppies of this breed owe their appearance to crosses that were made decades and decades ago between large mastiff dogs and greyhounds.

The theories on the origin of these dogs are varied, one argues that it is linked to the fate of people of the “Alans”To whom they owe their name. They are a nomadic people of Iran who emigrated to Central Europe some time ago and brought great Molossers, the ancestors of 'Brindle Great Dane. There are also, among experts, those who argue that the breed linked to crossbreeding of large dogs and greyhounds imported from Phoenician traders who went around the Mediterranean exchanging various kinds of goods, including quadrupeds.

Giant Brindle Great Dane

This dog is giant by definition seen that the male specimens can measure up to 80 cm at the withers while the females stop at 72. As for weight, the average weight is between 45 and 55 kg for both and the standaed does not compromise with these figures.

In cm at the withers the largest dog in the world is just a Great Dane to date. His name is, he was called, Zeus, and so far no one has come to dominate him: he disappeared a few years ago, at the age of 6, he lived in the state of New York and it measured 112 cm at the shoulder, if it stood up on its hind legs, it even reached 218. If you are interested in giant dogs and are curious to know others, read the article "Largest dog in the world”, You will be amazed.

Photo of the Brindle Great Dane

Beautiful and elegant, from photographing with the wide angle, this dog deserves a book of its own.

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