Plants that do not need sun

Plants that do not need sun

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Plants that do not need sun and direct light. Here is the list of plants and flowers that can grow in the shade or in partial shade.

Plants that don't need light:
let's clarify a concept right away, all plants need light to be able to complete photosynthesis! There are, however, some low-requirement plants that manage to carry out photosynthesis with a few hours of light. Having light doesn't necessarily mean being exposed to the sun.

Plants for shade or partial shade, light, sun and brightness ... they seem simple concepts but on the web there is a tendency to get confused.

By brightness we mean the amount of light present in an environment. The sun is the source of light: having a good amount of light does not necessarily mean "sun exposure". Shade is the situation in which direct light is hindered by an opaque body that can be a tree, the neighbor's building that provides shade on our balcony or a hedge. By partial shade we mean a condition in which the direct sun is present only for a few hours a day.

Do not despair, if your balcony is not very bright, you can increase the amount of direct light to the plant using light-colored walls and reflective surfaces (glossy surfaces, mirrors); water is an excellent reflector: the presence of a swimming pool or an artificial pond in the garden increases the amount of light available to your vegetation.

Flowering plants that do not need sun

Given that plants need light to carry out photosynthesis, here are the plants to be grown in the shade or in partial shade, away from direct sunlight.


Azaleas love light but not direct sun. They offer abundant spring blooms and can be planted where the plants can enjoy a prevalent shade.


It is a perennial and very rustic herbaceous plant. It can form splendid flower borders both in a sunny position and in full shade. Among the recommended species we point out the Aquilegia caerulea with shaded white flowers (towards blue or yellow) and the Aquilegia canadensis with yellow red flowers with red spurs.


These evergreen trees and shrubs can thrive beautifully in shady or partial shade locations. This plant does not like direct sun, especially in the morning: direct sunlight in the morning will ruin the camellia flowers.

Cyclamen, Dafne and Campanella

These flowers don't need direct sun. These are flowers that naturally grow at the foot of taller trees. The bell is perfect to enrich the rock garden, there are about 300 species including perennials, annuals and biennials. They can be grown in pots or in flower beds.

Cyclamen is perfect for growing in pots and gives beautiful winter blooms.

Daphne is a genus consisting of about 70 species. They are shrubs that have small flowers that are perfect for planting in partial shade.

Plants that do not need sun

There are ornamental plants with a great aesthetic impact that do not need direct sun. Not just flowers, leaves can be very decorative too. The color of the leaves depends a lot on how the plant uses the light spectrum. Between plants that do not need sun there are some Perennial plants for flower bedsand also the following:


This evergreen shrub is very rustic: hardy, easy to grow, and low maintenance. It can also be used to create hedges in shady areas.

Coleus (pictured above)

This genus has about 150 species between perennials and evergreen. With our climate, these plants are grown as biennials or annuals. They have very decorative leaves and grow well in the shade or partial shade.

Other plants that thrive in the shade and in partial shade are: laurel, ivy, dieffenbachia and dryopteris (ferns, perfect for stony soils, rock gardens and places with little light).

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