Australian Terrier: character and breeding

Australian Terrier: character and breeding

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Australian Terrier, a dog that at first sight or to the inexperienced eye, may appear a Yorkshire but that can be learned to distinguish, know and love. As its name suggests, it is a breed originating from theAustralia and belongs to the category of Terriers, it has all the typical characteristics of the others belonging to the same but it knows how to be recognized, and in its own way. On the head, it has a particular tuft, by the author, or chauffeur, it would be better to say, hazelnut. And then around his neck a circle of fur goes around his neck like one soft elegant scarf and not too bulky.

Australian Terrier: characteristics

With its 25 cm in height, at the withers, and its maximum total weight of 7 kg, theAustralian Terrier it can only be defined as a small dog. Despite being low, it is nonetheless robust and muscular, appears solid and tends to be longer than the average of Terriers. The body, from the ribs, to the chest, up to the most posterior part, is well structured, the thorax is deep and wide enough, the head instead is longer than wide and from the flat skull the singular tuft which makes ours unique in the world Australian Terrier.

At the end of the light but defined stop, a wide and always black nose appears, the ears are small but straight and with a high set, placed at a certain distance from each other. Let's finish ours breed portrait with the tail which, set high, can never, according to the standard, be curved over the back. Tuft apart, the hair of theAustralian Terrier it is dense, rough and straight, about 6 cm long, a little more on the muzzle and on the lower part of the limbs than the rest of the body.

There is also the undercoat, but in this case it is short and thick, excellent thermally speaking. We find specimens of this breed in various colors: blue, steel blue, blue gray with tan markings, the tuft can therefore be blue, silver, pure sand color or even red.

Australian Terrier: character

Among all terriers, theAustralian stands out for its balanced temperament and for the extreme loyalty it shows to man, it is therefore the candidate of the category to win the best pet dog award. He is active, solid, lively and obedient, like all his "competitors" but in fact he is particularly suitable for staying in families with children. The little ones will be his best friends since its liveliness is sometimes exaggerated and to adults it can disturb.

He is never rude, as a dog, though, and brings one breath of joy wherever it passes. In the apartment, also thanks to its size, he moves without bothering and without suffering too much from claustrophobia, if we allow him the usual walks, indeed the domestic climate as temperature, is also very welcome if it fits perfectly in any environment. Even to means of transport because he loves to travel and, in order to explore new locations, he is willing to be good in the car.

Australian Terrier: breeding

Today in Italy, according to the official website of ENCI, there are none certified farms who care for this beautiful breed. Yet it has a long tradition in its homeland: the foundation of the first breed club dates back to 1887, while in 1933 theAustralian Terrier was included in the English Origins Book. This was the decisive step and that started a slow but continuous growing in popularity, leading this breed to win the first internationally recognized titles.

Another important stage in the history of breedingAustralian Terrier is his arrival in the USA, which took place at the end of the nineteenth century, important because in this welcoming land he became much more popular than in Europe where he arrived only later and where a niche breed.

Australian Terrier: puppies

Each puppy of Australian Terrier it is good that he knows his origin, even if wild and lively, he is certainly more interested in looking for opportunities to play. The progenitors of this breed, like all terriers, are other English terriers, such as the "Norwich ", the "Yorkshire", The"Patterdale”, Then mixed with other dogs too.

What distinguishes theAustralian Terrier is the prevalence in his Yorkshire DNA imported to Australia by European colonizers. Begun on this island, the evolution of the breed continued in Great Britain where the Countess of Stradbroke has made the commitment and the honor of implanting its characters, those on which the standard, approved in 1961, is still based today

Australian Terrier: price

Not being very widespread in Italy, it is not easy to identify the price, but in countries where it is widespread like other terriers, theAustralian Terrier it has a cost in line with its cousins. When you buy a puppy it is also good to know the defects from which this breed can be affected, the most recurrent are the lack of premolars, the deviated jaw, the flesh-colored or generally depigmented nose, light nails or woolly hair. Even the clear eyes are not allowed.

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