Grow lavender in pots

Grow lavender in pots

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Grow lavender in pots: the care to be shared with lavender grown in pots. Advice for cultivation, pruning, repotting, reproduction and fertilization.

Grow lavender in potsit's not a difficult task at all: you can start small onescultivation of lavender in potseven in the home, by placing the containers on the windowsill, on the balcony or on the terrace. A lavender plant at home is a good ally for well-being: it perfumes the surrounding environment and provides flowers to beautify the home and prepare potpourri.

Lavender in pots, sowing or cutting

If you have bought a lavender plant at a nursery, you can skip this paragraph and read the next one if you do not yet have a lavender plant, know that you can get one by multiplying by cuttings or by sowing.

When to sow lavender?
The optimal period for sowing lavender falls in autumn for the areas of southern Italy.
For the North of Italy, the ideal period for sowing falls in spring.

Sow in a soft soil and to facilitate germination, soak the lavender seeds for 6 - 8 hours in an infusion of chamomile at room temperature. Sowing takes place directly in broadcast pots and then proceeds with thinning, gradually discarding the plants that develop more slowly.

If your neighbor has a lavender plant, you can start growing it at home too by using the multiplication technique for cutting. Use a sprig of lavender with a stem at least 10 cm long to root in a mixture of peat and fertile soil. When the cutting has developed its first roots, transfer it to the grow pot.

How to grow lavender in pots

If you bought a lavender plant from the nursery, you must immediately carry out a transfer. If your lavender plant or lavender cutting is well developed, start by planting in the pot.

The pot for growing lavender must ensure maximum water flow: on the bottom prepare a bed of gravel, shards or expanded clay (two or three cm will suffice). Fill the pot with a soft or medium-textured soil, possibly rich in mature organic matter (compost, manure…).

Lavender, repotting

When you decide togrowing lavender in pots, keep in mind that this is a fast growing plant that can grow up to one meter. From the very first plant, choose fairly wide pots.

You cantransfer the lavenderannually. Generally the operation ofrepottingit should be done in spring, choosing containers with a slightly larger diameter (1/5 or 1/4 larger).

Lavender plant, how to cure it

Only in certain cases will it be necessary prune lavender: pruning must be performed several years after the first planting. As a guideline, from the second or third year of the plant's life (depending on the development and your space requirements) you can start annual pruning. Pruning should be done in autumn, at the end of the plant's normal vegetative cycle.

When you decide togrowing lavender in pots, keep in mind that this is a fast growing plant that can grow up to one meter. Pruning can be used to mark particular forms of cultivation: lavender in pots can be grown to form large bushes or in a more orderly way to create a hedge in pot.

Generally, the maintenance operations and care to be given to lavender are the most classic: remove the weeds from the pot and if there are other diseased plants in the house or on the balcony, carry out a preventive treatment to prevent the appearance of that particular disease. Therelavenderit is a rather rustic and extremely resistant plant. It won't take a lot of time away from your treatment! Therelavender in vaseshould be kept in a bright position and away from humid environments.

Lavender, flowering period

Therelavender bloomit manifests itself in the summer period, roughly from June to August. To obtain abundant blooms it is not necessary to fertilize the lavender plant in pots, only if you see a reduced development can you provide fertilizer at the beginning of the growing season, roughly in April.

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