Retake in Milan and Rome against degradation

Retake in Milan and Rome against degradation

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Retake, to take control of the situation of the cities in which we live and to give the city a better environment. It is an initiative that is spreading like wildfire all over Italy but that he removes stains from walls and other surfaces. With elbow grease and team spirit.

It's not just about cleaning: Retake in Milan and Rome, it is a reality that manages to unite those who want a more beautiful city and to awaken in each of us that sense of common good that sometimes escapes. In metropolises, as in the smallest cities. Retake in Milan and Rome, as elsewhere, it “catches” it.

Retake: against decay and abandonment in Italian cities

The main objectives of Retake concern the redevelopment of neighborhoods: the idea is to join forces and to make the beauty of the places shine again, whether they are in the center or in the suburbs. Every street or building, with a clean "face", changes its face.

Retake in Milan and Rome and in dozens and dozens of other cities organizes days of reappropriation of places, those in which one passes perhaps every day, bending his lip in an expression of disapproval for that "tag", that unjustified damage that ruins them. Are ours!

This is what it reminds us of Retake in Milan and Rome and throughout Italy, encouraging active and passive citizens to take care of the environment in which they live. The protection, conservation and improvement of roads and buildings are matters for which we are all responsible. Retake in Milan and Rome yes points the finger on the degradation, but with the same index, moving it as they usually do, invites us to stand up and be an active part, helping to make a beautiful city, always better, and to keep it that way.

Retake in Rome

Retake in Rome it also takes the form of an interesting uniting initiative English language with love for the environment. Neighborhood after neighborhood, street after street, starting with young people Retake calls everyone to join forces and also intentions. Indeed it can deal with decay who makes the city ugly by rolling up his hands and interacting with others at the same time retakers in English.

It is a very green time optimization: the city gets a makeover, the participants improve their knowledge of the English language. An example of Citizen Retake which is ready to be imitated wherever there are citizens ready to get involved.

Retake in Milan

Retake in Milan it is a power that aims high from below and is not at all ashamed to present itself with work clothes for the good of its city. We are facing a non-profit movement of citizens that has taken off magnificently, gaining approval, praise and even increasing participation, as well as respect for the laziest fellow citizens.

With that Milanese pragmatism, Retake in Milan has clear its goal: to reduce vandalism. May they be tags or stickers, generic waste illegally abandoned on public land or other offenses in Milan: Retake says no, takes a hand to restore dignity to places and invites all Milanese to do so.

No one can be considered exempt, we all see decay, when there is, and I challenge you to argue that it is not unpleasant to see the entourage in which we live ruined. L'awareness raising work in place for some time, it touches institutions and organizations, schools and associations, to the ground, for an increasingly beautiful city, to be toured and lived with head held high, without the eye falling on ugliness.

What can you do as a Retaker

The retaker is not a Martian neither a saint nor a time waster who decided to spend his days looking for stickers and graffiti and then snort. The retaker he is a person like all of us, we can be too, he is a citizen who, instead of muttering and delegating the care of his environment to someone else, or institution, has decided to get involved in the first person.

So, actively, whoever participates in Retake in Milan and Rome, or elsewhere, deals with the recovery of spaces and public goods that are in a state of decay to live in a more decent and respected city. Like?

Starting from your building, or from your street, removing abusive stickers and posters, reporting spray writings to the administrators of the condominiums who wear them on the facade like scars. If you want to join forces and involve neighbors and friends, you can have a great "Clean-Up”In a park or in a public space, addressing to Retake in Milan it is also possible to request the intervention of AMSA. Or, if we are artists or we know some, there is also the plus option: not only clean up but also embellish a shutter or a wall, with legal graffiti. Just agree: the beautiful & lawful, everyone likes.

Before trying your hand at trompe l'oeil citizens, here are some basic indications to start. If we see havoc if surfaces in stone, travertine or marble - not paintable - equipped with plastic gloves, spread a little graffiti solvent and let it act for a few minutes, then rub with a sponge such as that to scrape the pots and remove the dirt with a cloth before it dries. This for do not leave spots.

When graffiti defiles painted surfaces, the operation of Retake it's easier, just paint with the same color, armed with a brush and outdoor paint. A little eye in choosing the right shade, please, the stain effect is always lurking. Better to contact to the hardware or paint shop of trust by bringing a plaster medium to compare the colors on the spot.

Retake in schools

Education is learned as a child, it is boring to hear it when one is, in fact, little, but it is an unquestionable truth and Retake in Milan and Rome, as in the whole peninsula, he knows it well. The schools, therefore, are among the first to be involved in the project, with the hope thatenthusiasm of 6 years is so contagious as to call to the retake even those who have some more.

How to help Retake

In addition to participating in initiatives in your city, if there is a Retake as in Milan and Rome and in the others listed, you can join this organization by paying an annual fee from ordinary member or supporter. All information is on the official

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