Exotic Shorthair cat: character and price

Exotic Shorthair cat: character and price

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Exotic Shorthair Cat, a cat created ad hoc in the United States to be able to claim to have a Persian but not having to pay attention to the coat that this last breed possesses and that demands the due attention. A little out of laziness, a little out of cunning, therefore, here is the new breed that in effect is almost identical to the Persian except for the fur, in the Exotic case, short.

Over time, a typical nature of the new breed has also developed, which seeks more contact with humans. We can therefore define the Exotic Shorthair cat a womb feline, able to withstand the games of children, and adults who have never grown up, for this reason, for their patience, they are cats verygive life to the apartment.

Exotic Shorthair cat: character

The calm, sweet and gentle temperament of this cat is highly appreciated not only in the United States where it has its origins. Despite being calm, compared to the Persian the Exotic Shorthair cat is more active, he also loves to be caressed and admired so much that he is perfectly at ease in exhibitions and takes pleasure in being with the spotlight on.

The same is true in the living room, just be the center of attention of those present. Little aggressive, never intrusive, the Exotic Shorthair cat if he has a garden or an open space available, he enjoys being a hunter animal and it's not bad at all.

In the presence of other four-legged guests at home, he knows how to behave, he is not grumpy, and if left alone the opposite of the Oriental cat, he does not take revenge but goes about his business anticipating the pampering he will receive from his master who, when he returns, will not fail to make him feel a little guilty. But only for get more attention.

Exotic Shorthair cat: breeding

Created by man, this breed is easy to breed precisely because for our convenience it was conceived, studied at a table, or almost. The cloak, above all, was the Persian's problem, and so was that of theExotic Shorthair cat it is objectively less demanding to keep beautiful, shiny and clean, from a grooming point of view. Those who breed the Exotic cannot mate with other breeds, except with the Persian: it is an exception that is made even if the Exotic Shorthair cat it is now independent, only to maintain and improve both the morphology and the texture of the hair.

Exotic Shorthair cat: kittens

The puppies of this breed are on average calmer and less pestiferous than those of other similar breeds. Another thing to know about the children of Exotic Shorthair cat is that assistance is needed at the time of their birth. This is because there can be problems with the large skull size of kittens.

The first puppies of Exotic Shorthair cat in Europe they appeared around the 80s, official recognition of the breed was obtained as early as 1984 even though it was already present in America in the 60s. The beginning of it all was the crossing between a Shorthair and a Persian which were then followed by others with the main breed to enhance the characteristics of hair and character that they wanted to obtain.

Black exotic cat

The Exotic Shorthair cat black is one of the most common, in general this breed shows a medium build and a dense and silky coat, well lifted from the body. The head is a big head and not only for the effect of the soft hair, it is also the massive skull and the eyes are large, round and set wide apart.

The color associated with black hair is often clear, intense and bright but without giving the idea of ​​aggression. Indeed, what the Exotic Shorthair cat it is a great sweetness. The ears are small, small, spaced and rounded at the tip: almost not noticeable.

Red exotic cat

Red is one of the other common colors of the Exotic Shorthair cat and also appreciated. I, for one, love red, reddish and orange cats, but this breed includes all the combinations of colors and designs already allowed for the Persian, not to be outdone. We therefore have the Exotic Shorthair cat with cloak Solid, Parti-color, Bicolor, Tabby, Chinchilla, Smoke and Colourpoint.

Exotic Shorthair cat: price

Those interested in purchasing a copy of the Exotic shorthair cat can evaluate the price after contacting the farms that deal with this beautiful breed, also clarifying whether it is a question of owning one to keep in the family or to exhibit in exhibitions and competitions. The price is variable, a cat can cost from 400 euros to 800 euros but for the pedigrees of selection or for refined colors, we may also have to shell out 900 euros and more.

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