Oriental cat: breeding and price

Oriental cat: breeding and price

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Oriental cat, from Thailand, arrives in Europe via the Great Britain, it is not among the most popular in our continent but it has its fa. Certainly depopulated in the homeland, there most of the cats, obviously oriental, are in one color and with green eyes, as we will see there may be other colors and, as regards the eyes, some surprises. The Oriental cat it can also be short-haired or long-haired, and is the second to come second.

Oriental cat: characteristics

Medium in size - males weigh 5 kg, and females 4 - the Oriental cat it has a robust but not stocky build, it remains an elegant and athletic animal, with large ears positioned diagonally and almond-shaped eyes with a lively expression. It also contributes to giving it a very sinuous look tail, long and tapered.

The character of the Oriental cat it is usually appreciated, very different from restless Siamese, for example, but not too sticky to look like a cat-dog. This breed has an affectionate and sociable nature, loves cuddles and does not at all like being left alone.

The ideal location of a Oriental cat he is on our legs or in our arms, if not, he will not fail to point out his disappointment by taking revenge. Little mischief around the house, scowl and pee around the house. It is not a plague, if instead we make it feel welcomed, wanted and pampered, indeed, in this case he turns out to be a playful man who is always in a good mood. Even at middle age and old age, he does not lose the desire to move, of participate in family life and ... to be in our arms.

There are also those who carry the Oriental Cat: it depends a lot on the character and docility of each specimen and on our availability. At home, however, we can count on his good behavior even in the presence of other cats or dogs, children or other animals. If we don't neglect him, he won't put a spoke in the wheel.

Oriental cat: breeding

Breeding a Oriental cat it is not complex, even if the name suggests that it is an exotic breed and with who knows what pretensions, in truth it is rather "basic". The short hair it does not require care, by default, and the long one as we will see, in the case of this Oriental, neither. One brush a week, approximately, like many other cats that come from various parts of the hemisphere.

It is also important to keep the ears clean, if necessary also by using specific products, and during the moulting period give the cloak also not to have hair around in every club. A blunt on the nails, healthy and balanced diet, not just dry, and that's it. Let's not forget one dose of pampering high.

Oriental short-haired cat

The Oriental short-haired cat is the result of some crosses between cats arriving from Thailand and other municipalities, with the contribution also of Abyssinian specimens. All this happens in England, around the middle of the twentieth century, when a group of enthusiasts had the idea of ​​obtaining a domestic cat that was completely similar to the Siamese but with slightly different colors. In particular, at the ends.

The first attempts gave birth to the Oriental cat dark brown, baptized Havana Brown, which were followed by other colors and probably more will be added in the future. The official recognition of this breed, in its short-haired version, dates back to the seventies, to 1976 in the USA where it is called Foreign Shorthair (Foreign Shorthair), and then so on in the other federations of the world. Today it is not uncommon to see the Oriental Cat among the participants in cat shows, even in Italy. So, keep your eyes open!

Long-haired Oriental cat

As anticipated, there is also the long-haired version, an exaggerated definition because it is actually semi-long hair. In any case, without wanting to be fussy, here is this variant obtained by crossing the Oriental short-haired cat with the Balinese. Without realizing, or aware but still individualistic, we do not know, both the British and the Americans have selected and bred on their own oriental with long coats.

The result, as expected, is not so different: in both countries the Long-haired Oriental cat it has neither the Himalayan nor that Colourpoint unlike the Siamese and the Balinese from which he inherited the soft semi-long hair.

Like his short-haired friend, this cat is lean and muscular, elegant and graceful, with a strong and strong-willed character. Excellent companion for families even with children and no worries about the coat: even if semi-long, since there is no undercoat, it no longer creates damage or shedding of tufts, other short-haired ones. The eyes of this variety are green, preferably without a trace of yellow or amber, and if the hair is white we can also find specimens with one green and one blue eye.

Black Oriental cat

The most frequent color, for the Oriental cat, beyond the length of the hair, it is black. Even blue, which in practice turns out to be a fascinating gray tending to blue, is also widespread. In both cases, green eyes are mandatory and also very fascinating.

Oriental tabby cat

It is not as common as the black or blue one, but also the Oriental tabby cat there is and is loved. His brindle coat is very particular and in the exhibitions as with the guests of our apartment, it makes us look good. Other varieties of this breed, as regards the color of the hair, are that Havana, already mentioned, with brown tints, and the Smoke, very particular and also quite rare, with silver undercoat. Let's not forget the Completely white Oriental cat, with eyes either green or one different from the other, green and blue.

Oriental Siamese cat

It can happen in the case of the Oriental short-haired cat, to confuse this breed with the Siamese one. Indeed, there are many physical and character characteristics that can unite them, to recognize them we can sharpen our eyes and look at the color of the hair and that of the eyes. In Oriental cat the extremities are not colored, in the Siamese yes, and in the first the eyes are almost always green, not blue.

Oriental Cat: price

Depending on the color of the hair and eyes, the purchase price of a specimen of Oriental cat pass by 800 to 1,500 euros. I understand that it is a big price gap but as we have been able to read there are many characteristics that can change within the same breed, and we cannot pretend that it is not much easier to find and buy a Oriental cat short-haired black compared to the semi-long haired one of another color.

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