DIY soap for sensitive skin

DIY soap for sensitive skin

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Do-it-yourself soap for sensitive skin: here is a recipe to prepare soap at home with ingredients suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin requires adequate care and the use of products free of aggressive substances; the main pathologies affecting this type of skin are couperose or rosacea and eczema. To cleanse the skin without damaging it, it is best to use a cleanser that does not contain sulphates, alcohol or artificial perfumes.

On this page we will show you how to make a simple soap at home with natural ingredients with calming, balancing and moisturizing properties.

How to treat sensitive skin

It is good to pay close attention to the cosmetics we buy and make sure that they do not contain irritating ingredients. Even if the choice falls on pharmaceutical products it is not certain that they are produced with natural ingredients; for this reason it is preferable to opt for do-it-yourself solutions.

Sensitive skins must be treated with moisturizing and balancing agents, so that they naturally regulate the production of sebum; only in this way will the natural pH of the skin be respected.

DIY soap for sensitive skin, ingredients properties


Glycerin is a vegetable compound widely used for the preparation of different types of cosmetic products. Unlike sulphates, which dry and alter the pH, glycerin deeply cleanses the skin, hydrating it and giving it elasticity. It fights cellular aging and also has a calming action in the treatment of some epidermal diseases.
We recommend that you buy pure solid glycerin or in the form of hand soap, without fragrances.

Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is an ingredient with multiple uses, it is widely used in the cosmetic industry. It is a product rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, substances capable of preventing cellular aging and lack of elasticity. It also has solidifying properties and, therefore, is excellent for making your own soap at home.

White, red or pink clay

These three types of clay are the most recommended for sensitive skin. Clay is a natural product rich in minerals, capable of regulating the production of sebum without altering the pH, also preventing infections.

Almond oil

Cold pressed almond oil, in addition to being one of the cheapest products, is also one of the most nourishing, which brings softness and hydration to the skin, calming possible irritation and inflammation.It is ideal for skin with dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, heartburn, herpes or sunburn and scars.

Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil, thanks to its regulating and balancing properties, is a product with multiple benefits and suitable for all skin types. For this reason it is present in many cosmetic products. It also has antiseptic, calming properties and helps to enhance the effects of the other ingredients.

Finally, lavender promotes the regeneration of skin cells, preventing scars, stretch marks and wrinkles. Its relaxing effects have a positive effect on the nervous system, allowing you to fight problems caused by stressful or sentimental situations.

How to make a soap for sensitive skin at home

  • What we need

-100 grams of glycerin
-50 grams of cocoa butter
-30 grams of almond oil
-40 grams of white, red or pink clay powder
-15 drops of lavender essential oil

  • How it is prepared

1) Put the glycerin and cocoa butter in Maria bath, so that they melt

2) When they have reached a more or less liquid consistency, lower the heat then add the almond oil and the clay powder

3) Mix well, remove everything from the heat source and add the lavender essential oil

4) Pour the product into a soap mold: you can use the base of a plastic bottle, a soap dish, etc.

5) Once cold, your soap will be ready.

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