LED lamps to save with style

LED lamps to save with style

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LED lamps, a green and bright choice that affects us all because many small LED lights are needed for a future and a present of illuminants. From LED lamps. Exactly. Exactly the analogue of the ocean made up of many apparently significant drops, we replace water with light and think of a world propped up by virtuous flashes, from LEDs that are good for the environment and save us money.

If often thinking of green actions we look at traffic or large industries, or land consumption, all very important issues, we must not pretend to forget that even the furnishing of our home can be done letting ourselves be guided by values ​​of sustainability and environmental compatibility. It is a question of compliance with the regulations in forcebut not only: we can do more and better. The opportunity is close at hand with the LED lamps, increasingly present in the proposals of design companies who have well understood how attention to the environment rewards customers and themselves, citizens of the same world.

We will now shed some light on the concept of LED lamps to understand its features and advantages, green and "in green" and then have fun among models to imagine in our homes to ensure the coexistence of low consumption and low impact both on the environment and on the electricity bill. And compliance with the mandatory standards also specified by the European Union directives.

LED lamps: characteristics

Increasingly used, the LED lamps are replacing not only in the imagination but also in reality, incandescent or halogen lamps and even compact fluorescent ones, considered to energy saving. In the pre-LED era. In recent years above all, the idea that these technologies were sealed in the laboratories of scientists, reserved for large researches and companies by "nerdy genes ", remarkable results have been achieved and thanks to the innovative techniques developed in the field today the LED lamps they are within everyone's reach and also very beautiful.

We are not forced to digest an "embarrassing" aesthetic, immolating ourselves to save the planet, absolutely not, on the contrary. Science and Design have worked side by side, giving us, as we will see in the last paragraph, the embarrassment of choice. LED lamps that make you tempted to furnish your home only with light.

LED lamps: saving on consumption

Coming to the point, if it comes to shedding light, here's when you can save on your bills by using LED lamps. Doing the math, it must be taken into account that they last longer and consume much less electricity than the old ones, so you have to think over periods of at least a few years to understand that it is really a more ecological and advantageous choice compared to bulbs a energy saving.

As a time frame we consider the average life of the LED lamps, about 5 and a half years (50,000 hours): Italia LED has carried out a research which showed that - I do not hold you in suspense - to illuminate a room for 5 and a half years you will spend 122 euros with an LED bulb and 254 euros with a "normal", not necessarily antiquated. This is the energy saving assessed as a whole, what "in a nutshell" we all look to when we find ourselves having to shell out money for a lamp, as for a thousand other material goods.

If we look only at consumption, with one LED lamps in the period of time considered, it has been calculated that 500 kW will be needed, equivalent to an expense in the bill of 100 €, with the others - even if energy saving - at least 1,150 kW, which translates into 230 €. In the general calculation, in addition to the consumption itself, we have rightly taken into account the “dry” cost of LED lamps and others.

This is also because at first glance you can be dazzled by the miserable price of the "others" - around 4 euros - compared to our friend LED which is on sale at prices that even reach 22 euros. Too bad, so to speak, that the first ones last much shorter and in 5 abundant years we have to buy at least 6, the LED lamps they are guaranteed to work for the entire period without LED relay. The bill is quickly done: by changing 6 bulbs of 4 euros, you exceed the average cost of LED bulbs who win on all fronts.

LED lamps: longer life than old lamps

As we have mentioned to calculate the consumption savings that emerge with the LED lamps, the duration of operation of the latter is decidedly higher than the average life of the others. THE High output LED they reach about 50,000 hours with a maximum 10% luminous flux loss.

Other advantages of LED lamps are the reduced maintenance and replacement costs, high efficiency and clean light because it is free of IR and UV components. With the LED lamps we can also enjoy considerable flexibility in installing the light point, they also work safely because at very low voltage and are insensitive to moisture, they do not contain mercury and do not overheat as instead different lamps often do, even if innovative.

LED lamps: many solutions to use them with style

With style, and even before that with curiosity and a clear conscience, convinced by now that we have chosen the path of saving and at the same time the virtuous direction of those who love and respect the environment, let's look at the offers that one of the most fanciful and avant-garde companies , proposes on the LED lamps. I'm talking about Livingo, just open the site for your eyes to light up.

Staying grounded, my favorite is SEGURA, the one that among the LED floor lamps and with an intertwining of two lights towards the sky, and the ceiling.

It looks like a stylized tree, slender but powerful in shedding light on what is happening in our rooms, this too TROY with nine LED lights

There is not always space, or you don't always want to have lamps, albeit with LEDs, between your feet and with your feet, but you can't do without MA&DE, ceiling, light in its original design but not too light.

For more classic tastes, always ceiling-mounted, square, suitable for lovers of regularity of shapes, there is OSAKA

As an avid reader - woe betide if I don't have a bedside light - before letting you wander among the many models of LED lamps proposed, for huge villas as for tiny attics, I have to recommend my three table favorites. One is GRAVITY, almost like a spaceship but elegant and simple.

Very nice it is MICRO, a sweet eye watching over our evening readings or daytime activities at home:

and then there is her, the Abat Jour EVO, who would render illuminating even the most boring of essays or novels that has ever come into your hands.

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