Nourish curly hair

Nourish curly hair

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Nourish curly hair: tips and natural products for curly hair care. DIY strategies for perfect curls.

The first secret to have curly hair perfect, lies in the care. A well-nourished and hydrated hair can be recognized immediately, both on a smooth hair and in the case of curls! Let's face it: curly hair needs more attention!

I myself have curly hair and, for lack of time, I "bent" to the plate and for some years I have become afalse smooth. When I dried my hair naturally (curly) my biggest problem was related to knots: curly hair is more difficult to untangle and therefore to comb. To avoid breaking hair or dry, brittle and frizzy hair, it is important to nourish and moisturize each curl starting from the scalp.

It is difficult to choose a good product: among the supermarket shelves and on TV, everyone promises "perfect curls" but no one can keep the promise if taken individually ... the truth is that no product can work miracles and whoever wants tonourish curly hairmust use, as well as very delicate products, also consistency! Let's see right away which products are best fornourish and care for curly hair.

How to nourish curly hair

Choose products based on flax seeds, shea butter, coconut butter and especially argan oil. Macadamia oil is also not a bad solution for those with curly hair, but it subtracts volume from the hair and gives a wet effect that not everyone likes (I didn't like it, although I must admit that it softened the hair a lot!) . Macadamia oil can be used to shape the hair or before shampooing ... rather I recommend putting it in the morning and keeping it on until the evening, at the time of shampooing, in this way the macadamia oil will be able to soften all the curls eliminating the frizz effect. For all information on macadamia oil and its effect softener, I refer you to the article dedicated to benefits ofmacadamia oil on the hair.

Another very good product is argan oil, you can use it just as seen for macadamia oil (it makes hair brighter and moisturizes it quickly) or use it for strengthening and nourishing compresses. To strengthen the hair and at the same time make it brighter and softer, just perform a compress based on argan oil. Apply argan oil to damp hair, insisting especially on the ends. Wrap your hair in a towel or shower cap and leave on for 40 minutes before using the classic shampoo.

Don't buy shampoo or conditioner "based on ..." these products contain only small percentages of macadamia oil or argan oil! Rather, buy 100% pure argan oil or madamia oil that you can use directly on the hair without applying too aggressive side ingredients. Even better if you choose an organic product. The argan oil from the American company Beauty by Earth is very valid, this oil is organic (Ecocert organic certification) and 100% pure, however there are other similar products on the market that are less noble (and less expensive) but equally valid.

  • Argan Oil Beauty by Earth
  • 100% Pure Argan Oil

How to dry curly hair

To have perfect and well-defined curls, you need to start with drying. When you dry curly hair, you can use the natural oils mentioned above to soften the frizz or make colored hair softer.

Better to use the diffuser: bring it as little as possible to the tips which, being very delicate, tend to dehydrate quickly.

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