Hotel and bio-architecture on the Adriatic: Nautilus excellence

Hotel and bio-architecture on the Adriatic: Nautilus excellence

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Bioarchitecture on the Adriatic with the Nautilus hotel, a new facility inaugurated last March 25 in Pesaro and now ready to host tourists from Italy and the rest of the world with its proposals.

The Nautilus is the latest challenge won by Nardo Filippetti, founder of Eden Travel, 4-star family hotel establishing the record of tallest hotel in Europe, built on 7 floors and 28 meters high, using large wooden panels.

The innovative project was curated by Attilio Marchetti Rossi, known in the industry as thewood engineer, by the architect Marco Gaudenzi and by the interior designer Roberto Garbugli.

The goal achieved was to create a structure completely sustainable dedicated to meeting all the needs of a family on vacation: relaxation, good food and the opportunity to take advantage of a range of services dedicated to parents and their children so that everyone can take advantage of the most important moment of the year as possible.

The principles of bio-architecture are expressed through the use of renewables, of natural construction materials, coming from the territory and often recovered.

The Nautilus Family hotel presents on the rooftwo different solar plants: a photovoltaic system with a power of 19 Kwp and a thermal system for the production of hot water, able to guarantee 60% of the hotel's needs.

The wood as a building material, thanks to the treatments made possible by technology, it has properties that are sometimes unthinkable, such as that of being more fire resistant compared to the materials used with the old construction techniques.

The wood and also safer and more effective of the cement in anti-seismic terms and from the point of view of his thermo-insulating properties so as to minimize the energy consumption to cool or heat the rooms.

In the event of an earthquake, the structure of the Nautilus Hotel could thus withstand earthquakes of magnitude 8 with an oscillation of the top of the building of just 3 centimeters!

As for the construction of the wooden panels and their assembly, we have relied on partners able to guarantee the same criteria of excellence from the point of view of quality and sustainability: Storaenso company has been involved in cutting the trees according to a policy of controlled displacement and working the wood to create the X-lam panels made of white fir and spruce wood. The whole process is certified to guarantee real sustainability.

The assembly of the panels was entrusted to Centrolegno company in Fano, which used 239,000 special screws for the installation and anchoring! Again operating as a certified processing center.

Bioarchitecture it also means using spaces and materials to make the most of natural elements. And so energy consumption is rationalized also thanks to the presence of large windows that they maximize the brightness of the rooms and common areas and make it necessary to use lighting only at night.

The large windows present both in the rooms and in the common areas of the Nautilus

The application of the principles and techniques ofBioarchitecture accompany the best practices of sustainability for attention to the recycling of waste that come like this collected by separating plastic, glass, paper, wet and aluminum.

Outside the Nautilus offers its guests agreen area and one one heated swimming pool with a curvilinear shape and two different depths that blends hi-tech design and lighting with colors and materials (again wood is the protagonist) that recall the vegetation of the Adriatic coast.

The inviting swimming pool of the Nautilus Family Hotel

The Nautilus Family Hotel offers services dedicated to satisfying all the needs of families, whether parents have small children or have older children. Some examples?

For the whole summer one Eden Viaggi's specialized staff will organize playful activities to ensure fun, dividing the program by age groups: baby, mini and junior.

For children up to 2 years of age, bottle warmers, high chairs, bath tubs, changing tables and strollers are available as well as a kitchen equipped for preparing baby food. At the restaurant it is possible to request ad hoc menus for each child, so as to satisfy every need.

For their games, children have at their disposal a multipurpose structure with a slide in the green area and a room full of games.

The room dedicated to children full of games and colors

The Eden staff will be available to organize beach volleyball and beach tennis matches and other games to have fun outdoors and on the beach located right in front of the hotel.

Cabaret and acting shows for adults and children are also planned for the evening hours.

For the "technological" kids who just can't separate themselves from social networks even when they are on vacation, Nautilus offers a free wi-fi connection from all over the hotel and ... a real "gem": a games room with Playstation 4! :-)

The Nautilus games room with four Playstation 4 available for guests

My advice, however, is to take advantage of the opportunity to spend as many hours as possible in the open air, even better if you can organize yourself to get some movement, perhaps using the city ​​bike made available to guests and along one of the itineraries I wrote about in my article dedicated to cycle tourism in Pesarowhere you will find suggestions and photographs of the places you can visit.

... the Nautilus awaits you to entertain you and to make you spend a holiday dedicated to wellness! For more information you can visit the official site of the structure.

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