Homemade elderberry syrup

Homemade elderberry syrup

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There are those who call himelderberry juiceand whoelderberry syrup, the drink is the same! Here is the recipe for making elderberry juice at home.

Homemade elderberry syrup: instructions for making elderberry juice at home. Original recipe and variations. Elderberry juice is refreshing and highly purifying. Here's how it is prepared.

Homemade syrups, fruits and drinks

To make homemade drinks cooler, add a few ice cubes and enrich the glasses with edible flowers, herbs or sliced ​​fruit. A few examples? A strawberry cut into slices, a melon cut into cubes, some marigold flowers from the fields under ice and a few mint leaves. Edible flowers can be found in supermarkets but it would be even better to collect them: there are many edible wild plants that grow in Italy. Portulaca, calendula, burdock, stellaria ... to get a general picture, I refer you to the page dedicated toEdible herbs.

Like marigold and purslane, ielderberry flowersyou can put them on ice. How to do? For best results, first put a very thin layer of water in the ice tray. Put it in the freezer and only when it is perfectly solid, add the flower and bring to level with more water. In this motion, the elderflower (or other edible flower) will position itself exactly in the center of the ice cube for a superior aesthetic result. To garnish the glasses you can add small berries such as currants and blueberries.

Homemade elderberry syrup

Theelderberry syrup, called improperlyelderberry juice, it is a very ancient drink. It is prepared from the flowers of the speciesSambucus nigra, a very common tree in traditional medicine.

Sambucus nigra is widely used to relieve the symptoms of fever, cold and classic seasonal ailments. It is popular for the flowers they havepurifying properties, soothing and refreshing. Elderflowers are perfect for making thirst-quenching and purifying drinks. If you intend to drink elderberry syrup during a low-calorie diet (if you want to lose weight), then you will need to eliminate the use of sugar and prepare a purifying drink based on elderberry sweetened with stevia, a natural calorie-free sweetener.

Homemade elderberry syrup, the ingredients

  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 kg of sugar
  • 20 g of citric acid
  • 90 elderflower

Elderflowers are harvested in summer, between June and July. Clean them gently with a damp cloth. Obviously if the elderberry plant is treated, avoid using its flowers!

For the preparation of the syrup: boil the water with the sugar, let it thicken until you get a syrupy consistency. Turn off the heat and add the elder flowers and 20 grams of citric acid.

Citric acid can be easily purchased in pharmacies or on Amazon, where a liter of 100% Natural and Pure Citric Acid can be bought with € 9.80 and free shipping.

Citric acid will allow you to keep the drink in the fridge for a long time. Citric acid is a kind of "natural preservative" extracted from lemon, in fact it gives a fresh lemon aroma. If you decide to consume the drink within 24 hours, then you can add some simple lemon juice.

Cover the liquid and leave the flowers to infuse until the drink has cooled completely. Before bottling, filter carefully. Transfer the drink into a bottle, preferably of dark glass and cork.

When serving, you need to dilute the syrup to taste. Dilute in fresh water or fruit flavored water. Elderberry syrup can be used to prepare very fresh slushes or drinks with dilution as desired with water or flavored waters. Try a 50% dilution with mint flavored water and 50% elderberry syrup.

You can use elderberry syrup for "stretch"a fruit juice or an extract of pineapple, mango and other thirst-quenching fruits.

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