Cherry blossoms: meaning and pictures

Cherry blossoms: meaning and pictures

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Cherry blossoms, much appreciated all over the world but that the whole world connects to Japan, let's get to know them better. Their meaning, which goes far beyond the immediate beauty perceptible to all, is not at all obvious. And speaking of obvious aspects, Japan is not the only land of the gods Cherry blossoms: there are events all over the world that celebrate its splendor, even in Italy and in nearby and apparently rigid Germany.

Cherry blossoms: meaning

Since the nineteenth century, in the Victorian era, those who gave away a branch of Cherry blossoms he took credit for an admirable polite behavior, in China the same flower takes on a slightly different meaning, more oriented towards carnality and which winks at beauty and female sexuality.

Pure or not, the meaning of Cherry blossoms it has been known all over the world since ancient times, especially from E.xposition Universelle of Paris of 1867. Some works that portrayed its beauty exhibited on this occasion have suddenly increased the fame of this flower, also influencing European artists and giving life in the following years to the new style called 'Japonisme' (Japonism).

Known painters like Van Gogh, Manet, Renoir, Degas, Monet and Gauguin they could not resist the charm of the cherry blossoms and in the long list of worshipers, which also includes the names of writers and artists in a broad sense, we also find the author of the classic theatrical text of dramatic literature: 'The cherry garden'. To write it Anton Chekhov in 1903, speaking of the social changes in his Russia, the same Chekhov who, as a lover of gardening almost as much as of writing, had planted a cherry garden to enjoy it firsthand and be inspired by Cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossoms: when and where to see them

Obviously in Japan we are spoiled for choice to admire the Cherry blossoms especially on the occasion of the 'Cherry Blossom Festival'. It is a very old tradition that drew everyone to the parks to contemplate Cherry blossoms ('Hanami') taking the opportunity to chat with friends, relax and organize picnics and songs. It still happens and it is an important event from both a social and cultural point of view.

In Japan i Cherry blossoms they are honored to the extreme, their appearance is even reported with local weather reports since each city has its own season. January is the time for Okinawa, the end of March and the beginning of April that of Kyoto and Tokyo.

Not only in Japan, however, we can admire the Cherry blossoms because i 'Cherry Blossom Festival' they are now a widespread manifestation everywhere. The most significant non-Japanese events are those in Vancouver, Canada, and scattered throughout the United States. It starts from New York (Sakura Park in Manhattan), to reach Washington (West Potomac Park) and Philadelphia (Fairmount Park) but the best are in Macon, Georgia, and Newark.

Here Branch Brook Park has even been awarded as Historic Place in the New Jersey Registers and of the nation for the more than 5 thousand trees that show off 14 different varieties of cherry blossoms. Let's not forget the parties organized all over South Korea, in Istanbul (Turkey), and also in Germany, particularly fond of Cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossoms in Italy

Even our Italy is not immune to the charm of Cherry blossomsindeed, we find them protagonists of a popular legend dating back to 1166. We are in Lazio, ad Acquapendente, where a dried cherry tree miraculously blooms, an event that the inhabitants interpret as an encouragement to action and take the opportunity to hunt Federico Barbarossa armed with "goads".

So every year we celebrate the 'Miracle of the Madonna del Fiore' with the traditional 'Festa dei Pugnaloni' on the third Sunday of May. Even on the Modena hills, in the town of Vignola, since 1970, i Cherry blossoms are protagonists of the 'Cherry Blossom Festival', For three whole weeks, between March and April

Cherry blossoms in Japan

Let's go back to Japan to learn more about the role and meaning of Cherry blossoms in the land considered by election their homeland. There are over 200 Japanese varieties of cherry trees that produce white flowers, sometimes tinged with pale pink, others in a more decisive and intense way. Sometimes large, others more minute, in some cases even with many petals. They are trees that do not produce fruit, but only Cherry blossoms, for ornamental use.

In Japanese culture these flowers carry with their own unique beauty, a message of good luck, a wish for happiness, affection, love. At the same time there is a veil of sadness in their short existence, which recalls the transience, delicacy and "Tremendous" fragility inherent in the radiant splendor they embody. And that disappears in a maximum of two weeks.

The image of Cherry blossoms in Japan it's everywhere, almost obsessively: art, manga, cinematography, music, clothing and accessories. It is found everywhere but it never tires, certainly not the Japanese, at least who never stop being proud of it. Not only that, they dry the Cherry blossoms to prepare hot herbal teas and they always flaunt these flowers to fuel patriotic sentiment. A habit that dates back to the Second World War when the suicide bombers wanted Cherry blossoms painted on one side of their plane before the last suicide flight, they are therefore reconfirmed symbol of the transience of life.

White cherry blossoms

In our area the appearance of the Cherry blossoms takes place from March to April and we can enjoy it until May-June, but only if the temperatures are not too high. Even cold ones must not be too cold because at - 2 ° C i Cherry blossoms they do not survive.

We can find the White cherry blossoms but often enriched with pink shades up to practically all pink ones, I can't say which ones leave you breathless. Both bring pleasant messages, of hope and emotion, and warn us that summer and good weather are about to arrive.

Cherry blossoms: where to buy a print

For those who are impatient, or rebellious, and have no intention of submitting to the laws of nature that indicate a time and place to admire cherry blossoms, there is a solution. In 120 x 40 format, at a price of 27 euros, unfortunately it does not smell. It is a wonderful print depicting Cherry blossoms that furnishes but above all cheers.

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