Small photovoltaic system on the balcony or terrace

Small photovoltaic system on the balcony or terrace

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A small photovoltaic system on the balcony or terrace can give a good energy return with a minimum effort in terms of economic investment.

Sure, a psmall photovoltaic system on the balcony it will not make you receive bills with it written on"There is nothing to pay" but it can, in a concrete way, lighten your energy expenditure. Those who aim for zero emissions will have to design something more than asmall balcony photovoltaic system: an entire photovoltaic roof could be sufficient to eliminate energy costs only if well sized and only by focusing on theconsumptionbest.

Who has a photovoltaic system can decide whether to self-consume what the plant produces, whether to exploit the principle of on-site exchange or whether to sell the energy surplus with theonline sale. For more information on the above, we invite you to read the articlePhotovoltaic energy sales, on this page we will continue to talk about thesmall photovoltaic for terrace or balcony.

The photovoltaic sector has expanded, offering increasingly compact solutions in line with the most diverse needs. Those who do not have much space or do not have the necessary capital to set up a photovoltaic roof, can aim for small balcony photovoltaic systems. Here are some options on the market.

Pop Solaris, to bring electricity to the garden

It is a small photovoltaic panel intended for those with few pretensions. It has a nominal power of only 160 Wp. It is 94 cm wide and can be useful for bringing light and the possibility of powering small devices in the garden or on the terrace if there is no connection to the electricity grid. This device does not incorporate an accumulator, so the energy produced must be instantly consumed. Those who, having made the necessary assessments, were able to consume, at any time, the energy produced by this small photovoltaic balcony panel, would save about 200 euros annually in their bills. Given that the device costs about 500 euros, the initial investment would be recovered in less than three years.

Pyppy, domestic photovoltaic for garden, balcony or terrace

Available in versions from 1200 W / h up to 2,400 W / h. The photovoltaic cells of the device convert solar energy into electricity which is immediately stored in a storage battery. The energy produced by Pyppy it can be used to power several devices at the same time, both at low voltage such as lamps or refrigerators, and at 230V thanks to the presence of a built-in inverter. For every information:Pyppy, domestic photovoltaic.Pyppy can also be very useful for those who want to bring electricity to the terrace or garden without having to perform any work on the power grid: it is a compact and portable device that can be moved from one room to another in the house and therefore also from abalconyto the other so as to follow the trend of the sun.

EnergyGate by Invent, integrates photovoltaics with the "Light and gas" formula

In this context, the user at the same time as signing a new "Light and Gas" contract goes to purchase a small onemicro photovoltaic systemwhich offers a real annual production of 6,000 kWh. The photovoltaic panel measures only 1.6 square meters and uses a technology that does not show any drop in yield so as to guarantee production continuity for 20 years of service. EnergyGate is combined with the Ecocasa Luce e Gas energy supply from Invent, it is a sort of 52,000 kWh light recharge that combined with the photovoltaic energy produced by the panelmicro-photovoltaic(6,000 kWh) will offer a total annual power of 58,000 kWh. In this context, the initial purchase investment is recovered within two years. To understand the real convenience of this market proposal, you should calculate the energy you consume in the family on an annual basis. The formula proposed byEnergyGatehas a toll-free number where you can ask for more information: 800/304042.

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