Green holidays on the Adriatic

Green holidays on the Adriatic

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The summer holidays they approach and we di IdeasGreen we hope that Italians will decide, in increasing numbers, to opt for a "green holiday". But what is meant by Green vacation?

In our opinion, it is not necessary to leave for a place far from Italy, perhaps to be reached without even the aid of a motorized means of transport, as "the most fundamentalist environmentalists" suggest. Even in our country it is possible to go on vacation by following some healthy principles of sustainability and well-being which I will propose below.

In recent days, for example, I spent a few days as a guest of Nautilus Family Hotel, to Pesaro, a totally renovated structure, overlooking a beautiful beach of ours Adriatic Sea.

A green holiday obviously starts from means of transport chosen to reach the destination of our stay: I chose to travel by train and in just over 3 and a half hours I reached Pesaro from Milan.

Arrived in Pesaro, I found a beautiful sunny day with some clouds and a light breeze, so, instead of taking a taxi, I decided to reach the Nautilus on foot, with a walk of about 1 km and a half. Of course, I was traveling with a trolley and a backpack, so taking a walk makes me happy, while for a family with small children and a lot of luggage, opting for a taxi and arriving in less than 10 minutes certainly does not upset the philosophy green of the holiday.

The second important choice for one green holiday is the choice of one sustainable structure. And this does not mean being forced to choose a spartan structure lacking in comfort. Instead, it is a question of opting for structures that have invested following the principles of bioarchitecture and of energy sustainability.

TheNautilus Family Hotel it's ainnovative building, designed by architect Marco Gaudenzi and built withhigh standards of sustainability and energy saving. The main material used in the construction is thewood. For many components, such as the reception counter, the tables that in the corridors mark the doors of the rooms, the headboards of the beds and the bedside tables of the Superior rooms have been used reclaimed wood and other natural materials from the area.

The natural insulating power of wood makes it possible to maintain a pleasant temperature in the rooms and common areas, minimizing the use of air conditioning in summer and heating in winter, reducing the hotel energy management costs.

A photo I took upon my arrival at the Nautilus Family Hotel reception

The Nautilus Family Hotel has also paid the utmost attention touse of renewable energy sources, by installing two different solar systems on the roof: a photovoltaic system with a power of 19 Kwp and a thermal system for the production of hot water, capable of guaranteeing 60% of the needs of the hotel.

The use of electricity can also be minimized by exploiting the brightness of the rooms: the large windows in both the restaurant and the rooms are an example of how the Nautilus has also respected this constructive criterion of sustainability.

Here are two photos I took, in my room with sea view, as soon as I entered and without even opening the curtains completely, and in the restaurant of the structure.

The concept of "green holiday"In my opinion cannot ignore the concept of physical and mental well-being, where in addition to the offer of the hotel, our will and ability to lead a healthy lifestyle during our holiday come into play.

The Nautilus Family Hotel offers its guests a menu based on high quality foodspreferably linked to the territory. For children there are special dishes with adequate portions and simple and nutritious foods, particularly appreciated by our little ones.

The intelligent guest must be able to delight their palate properly but without exaggerating, as always trying to prefer fruit, vegetables and fish, fundamental components of the Mediterranean diet that much of the world envies us.

Personally, I consider good food one of the pleasures of life and I would not say that I am not a "good fork" but luckily I have an even greater passion: that for sport and physical activity. And also in this case the Nautilus was for me "a little paradise"! :-)

In fact, there is one available to guests ten city bikes with which it is possible to enjoy one of the most pleasant aspects of Pesaro and its surroundings: a network of well-kept and protected cycle paths that runs along the beach and the Adriatic sea and which leads on one side to Fano and on the other to the city center or the parks of Pesaro. This network of cycle paths also has a name that fits perfectly in my opinion: "bicipolitan”And the lines are 11! Here is the .pdf map that you can download from the official website of the Municipality of Pesaro.

Obviously I took advantage of this opportunity and, the morning following my arrival, accompanied by Andrea Farisello, del Freedom Bike Group of Pesaro (which you can also contact through the hotel reception to organize an accompanied tour), I traveled there cycle path along the Adriatic. Chatting happily and pedaling by the sea we have thus arrived in Pesaro, after having traveled the approximately 12 km that separate Pesaro from Fano.

A stretch of the Pesaro - Fano cycle path

Back in Pesaro, we continued, always up bicycle lane, towards the center of Pesaro, until you reach Piazza del Popolo with the splendid Palazzo Ducale and then arrive at the well-kept Miralfiore Park and rest for a while on the steps of the amphitheater.

The Ducal Palace of Pesaro and the amphitheater in Miralfiore Park

Returned to Nautilus, I indulged in a nice plate of spaghetti with seafood and a cod as a main course: perfect for recharging "my batteries" without weighing myself down. After some relaxation in the room, after spending the hottest hours in the middle of the day, I devoted myself to two of my favorite sports: Beach volley is beach tennis!

Yes, because in front of the Nautilus, within two affiliated bathing establishments there are several fields to have fun with your friends and other guests. And here another important component of the hotel proposal comes into play: lo entertainment staff of Eden Viaggi, available to organize sports tournaments, to facilitate the knowledge among guests, to entertain younger children with lots of games or, in the evening, to entertain guests with acting and singing shows.

But well-being is also relaxation! … And then after two hours of beach volleyball and beach tennis… “I indulged in the lure of the Nautilus pool”! :-)

Relax by the pool at the Nautilus Family Hotel

After a nice shower, around 7 pm, I took advantage of the "tip" received from Andrea in the morning, to enjoy a spectacular sunset: the right place that you must not miss if you go to Pesaro is the Moloco di Levante, a nice place located, in the harbor area, in Calata Caio Diuilio, where you can sip an aperitif in good company with this view, on the waters of the Adriatic Sea and theSan Bartolo Natural Park, another "jewel" of the area, the perfect destination for a holiday dedicated toecotourism, which I will tell you about in a future article ...

For more information about the Nautilus Family Hotel you can visit the official site or the Facebook page.

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