Reproduce chrysanthemums by cuttings

Reproduce chrysanthemums by cuttings

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Reproduce chrysanthemums by cuttings: instructions for the engraftment ofcuttings of chrysanthemums. Tips for growing potted chrysanthemums, pruning and flowering.

The best time to docuttings of chrysanthemumsfalls between late April and May. Those who live in the Center - North will have to pay attention to the weather and maybe postpone the work towards the second half of May. The optimal time to collect thechrysanthemum cuttingsends with the beginning of July.

Chrysanthemums, reproduction by cutting

Therecuttingis a form ofagamic multiplication, that is, without seed. Just cut a few portions from the plant you want to reproduce and place it in a pot under controlled conditions. The portion to be taken varies according to the species to be multiplied, in fact we haveherbaceous cuttings, woody, semi-woody, root or leaf cuttings.

Chrysanthemum cuttings, how to proceed

Select the plant to multiply and act between the end of April and the end of June: in this period ichrysanthemumsthey hunt new vegetation and you can get new seedlings.

1) Use a well sharpened and sterilized grafting knife. When taking the cutting, make a clean cut without fraying the plant otherwise multiplication by cutting will fail.

2) Choose a shoot of the new vegetation and cut it. Choose a young and robust shoot that does not have flower buds.

3) The cutting must be 6 - 8 cm long. A cutting that is too short (less than 5 cm) will not have enough reserves to allow rooting while a cutting that is too long (over 9 cm) tends to lose cell turgor very quickly and not remain upright.

3) Cut the apex of the shoot under a knot, ideally you have to cut the cutting about 3 - 4 mm below the knot, but leaving the knot intact. It is from the node that the new roots will develop and the plant will be formed.

4) Remove the leaves near the node, leave only 2 or 3 intact leaves near the apex of the cutting.

5) Place the cutting in the growing medium. Ideally, the substrate should consist of 50% sifted peat, very fine peat without lumps and 50% perlite. Perlite is an inert material widely used among nurserymen, it is useful both for multiplication by cuttings and for repotting.

Perlite is a volcanic rock with a granular appearance and a white color, it is extremely light. A 10 kilogram pack of Perlite is offered on amazon at a price of € 7.50 with free shipping.

6) Insert the cuttings into the substrate by burying them only 1.5 - 2 cm deep. Make the hole in the mixture of peat and perlite with the tip of a pencil on which you have marked the ideal depth.

7) Gently wet with a spray so as to slightly moisten the leaves as well. You will have to wait 7 - 15 days to see the rooting. After waiting, remove each single plant and, if rooting has taken place, transplant it into a larger pot.

During the rooting days, the container with the cuttings must be placed in the shade. For more info:chrysanthemum cutting.

Chrysanthemums, flowering

THEchrysanthemumsofferbloomsdiversified: genderChrysanthemumit includes more than 200 species, the most interesting and suitable for ornamental cultivation are the varieties selected by florists. Chrysanthemums can be divided byflowering period:

  • early chrysanthemums bloom between August and September
  • late chrysanthemums bloom from October to December

Therefloweringcan differ in color (there are white, yellow, bronze, fluorescent green chrysanthemums ...) and in shape, very popular aredaisy chrysanthemums.

Cultivation of Chrysanthemums in pots or in the garden

For the cultivation in pots it is advisable to choose lower compact species while those who grow in the open garden can choose the taller ones. To grow chrysanthemum in pots or in the garden, please follow our instructions on the pageGrow chrysanthemums.

Chrysanthemums, pruning

Among the treatments to be given to these flowering plants there is no lack of periodic pruning. Pruning chrysanthemums is simple: pruning should be done twice a year, in late May and mid-August. For all information, please refer to the article - guide how to prune chrysanthemums in pots or in the garden.



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