Italian Strong Pelo Hound: character and breeding

Italian Strong Pelo Hound: character and breeding

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Strong-haired Italian Hound, a dog entirely made in Italy and very common in our territory, among those who go hunting, above all, but not only. This breed belongs to the group of gods hounds and dogs for blood trail, is intelligent and responsive but above all a playful. Expansive, sociable, with a great desire to take walks in company. A beautiful character, which is combined with obedience. Today, as in the past, it is a breed used a lot, especially for hunting, almost everywhere as a type of land, but if you have the choice, the Strong-haired Italian Hound specializes in wild boar and hare hunting.

Italian strong-haired hound: origins

To say strong-haired or short-haired, for this dog if we talk about origins, little changes. They are always the same and also quite certain. The Strong-haired Italian Hound it arrived in Italy in very ancient times together with that people of perennial merchant wanderers that were the Phoenicians. They have "transported" races, together with the many goods!

In the case of this dog, the journey was ancient Egypt-Italy, you can understand it because in many Egyptian representations of the time of the Pharaohs an image similar to ours appears. Strong-haired Italian Hound.As soon as he arrived in our peninsula, so a long time ago, the breed immediately won the hearts of those who saw it land and became very popular. It never stopped being.

Italian Strong Haired Hound: weight

The Strong-haired Italian Hound It is a robust dog with a strongly built conformation, its weight varies from 20 to 28 kg, if it is male, if it is female a couple of kg less. The trunk can be inscribed in a square, evidence that makes us understand how the body is not slender but compact. However, it remains a harmonious and balanced dog, it is certainly not a keg and, if you do not feed it badly, it will not become one.

It has discrete musculature and a developed bone structure but the Strong-haired Italian Hound it can boast a dry appearance, at the withers it has a height of 50-60 cm, even if you look for it on him, you cannot find even a thread of fat.

Italian Strong Haired Fawn Hound

the Italian Hound with strong fawn hair it is a square dog but not stocky, the head is rather elongated and shows little developed eyebrow arches, the stop has approximately 140 degrees of accentuation. The lips of the dogs of this breed are fine and thin, the nose is quite large and never all black but always pigmented. As for the neck, it has a curious truncated cone shape and is slightly convex but you won't notice it if you don't have an expert eye.

The muscles cover the entire body of the Strong Haired Italian Hound, limbs understood that, both the posterior and the anterior ones, are upright with a good and well proportioned bone structure. Only the tail remains to be described, but there is not much to say: it has a high set, part already small at the root and is not short because it manages to reach the hock.

Italian Strong Haired Black and Tan Hound

In addition to the tawny color, there is also that of black and tan, but the Strong-haired Italian Hound it always remains the same dog. In both versions the official standard tolerates the presence of the white color on the muzzle, on the skull, on the chest and on the metatarsals and metacarpals. There are no preferences or rivalries between uniform fawn and black and tan, but they are the only coats allowed, brown, slate and lead absolutely not.

Beyond the color the hair of the strong-haired Italian Hound it is short, to be precise it must not exceed 5 cm in length. And then it is rough all along the body, except if we caress it on the head and feel its limbs, areas where it is softer. In a manner of speaking. This coat feature is one of the few that marks a difference between Strong-haired Italian Hound and the analogwith short hair.

Italian Strong Haired Hound: puppies

When we find ourselves choosing between Strong-haired Italian Hound better be prepared for what may be the most common faults of this breed. Especially if we then want him to participate in competitions. Otherwise, I advise you to watch that he is healthy but above all that he is nice and also obedient. It is true that the Strong-haired Italian Hound is always nice, it is almost genetic.

Among the defects of this breed, in addition to the non-standard measures, there are the concave nose bridge, the monorchidism, the non-standard colors, the total depigmentation of the nose and that of the eyelid margins. Even the wall eye does not like it.

Italian Strong Haired Hound: character

The type of coat does not affect the character for which that of the strong-haired Italian Hound has nothing to envy to that of the short-haired version. And it is undoubtedly a very pleasant and welcome nature that of Italian Hound. This is a very outgoing dog, with a lively temperament and a justified reputation for being playful.
It always remains a hunting dog, with all the advantages of the case such as good resistance and excellent speed.

It is not a hunting dog, the Strong Haired Italian Hound, but one of the best hunting dogs in the world. This is also thanks to his olfactory qualities much envied by other hounds who are not able like him to find the track left by the game during a hunting trip.

Hunting is to be feared, therefore, but the Strong-haired Italian Hound he reserves a very sweet look to the man, a ringing and pleasant voice, never aggressive. Alongside its owner, this dog does everything, it goes hunting but accepts even just to walk, run and explore green areas, preferably woods. Become an inseparable companion in adventures, he proves himself affectionate and obedient. This combination makes it irresistible.

Italian Strong Pelo Hound: breeding

Being very popular the Strong-haired Italian Hound it is a very well bred dog throughout the peninsula and there are centers that host it and sell puppies in almost all regions. It will be easy, if interested, to find one breeding recognized by Enci you can reach and visit.

Among the Italian regions that have only one breeding of strong-haired Italian Hounds there are Abruzzo, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Liguria and Sardinia, while in Emilia Romagna there are 2. Lombardy is the region with the most farms recognized by Enci on its territory, there are even 7, while 5 are those in Piedmont. Tuscany and Veneto also love the Strong-haired Italian Hound, they have 3 farms each.

Italian Strong Pelo Hound: price

A puppy of Strong-haired Italian Hound it can cost from 600 euros upwards, it depends a lot on availability and pedigree. Of course, with all the farms that there are you can do a brief market survey to understand what figures there are at the moment.

You can also get information from private individuals just pay close attention to the documents, health and pedigree of the puppy. In Italy, the Strong-haired Italian Hound but it is also true that in the last 10 years the number of specimens has almost halved. According to Enci, from 2000 specimens in 2006, it went to 1100 in 2015.

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