Remove rust from fabrics

Remove rust from fabrics

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How to remove rust from fabrics: natural and non-natural remedies to eliminate rust stains from fabrics.

That shirt you cared about so much has one rust stain?
Don't worry, you don't have to throw it away, just apply these natural remedies to get rid of stains rust from fabrics. The same advice can be applied to jeans, cotton and synthetic fibers.

Before implementing the following natural remedies for remove rust from fabrics, experiment with them on a small piece of fabric to be sure that the product used is compatible with the type of fabric they stain. This advice especially applies to fabrics such as silk or other delicate fabrics.

Rust stains on clothes

The rust stains on clothes they manifest themselves with orange, copper or brown dots, in the form of lines or more or less extensive patches of the same color. Rust stains on fabrics, with the classic washing machine do not go away, even if you try to pre-treat. This is because the rust is fully absorbed by the textile fibers.

If you notice a rust stain on the shirt or pants, be careful to understand how it formed. Check the metal parts of the hangers, belts or if you have sweaters with studs in the wardrobe. Once you have identified the source of the rust, eliminate it to prevent othersclothescan get stained.

Remove rust from fabrics with natural remedies

There are several natural remedies to get rid of rust stains. The effectiveness of these natural remedies depends on how much the iron oxide has managed to penetrate the textile fibers. Since these are simple natural remedies to experiment with, giving it a try won't hurt!

In a saucepan, dissolve a pinch of salt in 200 ml of freshly pressed lemon juice. Heat the juice. Dip the stained fabric in water and then squeeze it well. Apply the lemon juice on the rust stains and let it act for an hour. Carry out a normal washing machine with cold water (use the program for delicates).

Dab the fabric with whole milk and leave it to act for an hour. Proceed with the classic washing machine.

Cream of tartar
Potassium bitartar is a potassium salt of tartaric acid. On the market it is commonly found under the name "Cream of tartar", it is a slightly acidic substance and would be able toremove rust from fabrics. Cream of tartar is used in the food industry as a leavening agent and is indicated with the code E 336. Cream of tartar is a good whitening agent, so it is more suitable if the rust stain is on white clothes. Very useful for whitening yellowed garments. To use, dissolve the cream of tartar in water and apply it to the stain to be removed.

White vinegar and salt
Soak the stain with white wine vinegar and then cover it with fine salt. Leave on for 10 - 15 minutes and rinse.

Products to remove rust from fabrics

In addition to the natural remedies mentioned, it is possible to remove rust stains with ad hoc products or purchased products that we commonly have at home. Before buying specific productsrust stain remover, give it a try with liquid dish soap and…. with a biphasic eye make-up remover.

Make-up remover
The biphasic make-up remover is (Alas)very aggressive, some make-up removers on the market can remove rust stains or ink stains from fabrics. Let the make-up remover work for 5 minutes and then wash the garment in cold water.

Rust stain remover
It is undoubtedly the most effective remedy forremove rust from fabrics. There are several products on the marketrust stain remover for the fabrics. As references we point out the most popular one, the Smakkia Ruggine Parodi proposed on Amazon at a price of about 10 euros including shipping costs. It is a stain remover for fabrics specially formulated to eliminate rust and streaks left by the iron.

After washing, avoid drying rust-stained garments in the dryer, the residual rust could settle further between the textile fibers. We recommend that you dry your clothes naturally.

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